My aunt bought a circular butterfly mobile ages ago, and she has it hung up in her dry cleaning and alterations shop. She asked me if I could create a companion decoration like it for her shop's window. You see, the shop has a little nook with curtains hung in front of the windows and around that recess so that clients can try on their ill-fitting apparel for her to hem or fix. However, she wants something behind the plain curtains in front of the window to liven up her shop.

Aaand that's where I come in. :3

Step 1: Materials

  • cardstock or other heavy-weight paper
  • scissors, Cricut machine -- anything that can cut
  • thread or fishing wire
  • sewing needle
  • seed beads
  • crochet hook and thread
  • wire clothes hangers and pliers OR skewers
<br>wow your tutorial is superb. I liked it. I was able to make it and my friends told me that i am a creative person. Thanks it happened all because of you. Thanks
<p>Ah great job! I'll accept some credit, but YOU deserve the most credit for giving the project your time and dedication. I hope it inspires your own creative spin-offs; perhaps dragonflies or birds next? ;) </p>
<p>so cute</p>
<p>Thank you for your nice comment! </p>
It's so beautiful
<p>Thank you! </p>
<p>very pretty!! don't you just love those cutters doing the work for us? =)</p>
<p>Thank you! Haha indeed I do. No need to buy multiple hole punches when you have a machine to cut virtually any shape. ;)</p>
This is so sweet. Made me think of doing a round version to hang high above my daughters bed.
<p>That's a good idea! If you do end up making that, I'd love to see pictures. ;)</p>
very nicely made..look beautiful
<p>Thank you! ^^</p>
<p>It looks so beautiful! I have to keep in mind the way you painted the white trim...I have a lot of white thread but I would have never come up with this idea to change its color! Love the shade :)</p>
<p>Thank you! I hope you use that technique in some future project; I'd love to see what ingenious project you'll make next time. ;)</p>
<p>Coloring the white crochet edge with stamp ink is genius! I love it. Beautiful work.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for your nice comment! </p>

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