My daughter wanted her bouquet made of crocheted flowers.  Flowers are probably one of the easiest and fastest things to crochet.  The time it takes to create a bouquet will depend on the size of the bouquet you want.  

Step 1: What You'll Need

Cut a styrofoam ball in half and cover it in lace (you can use a thrifted lace curtain).  Hot glue the lace to the styrofoam ball.  
<p>I love this I am trying to crochet roses and daisys for my upcoming vow renewal i have the rose pattern i want but having trouble finding the daisy pattern any suggestions???</p>
<p>You leave me speechless! </p><p>beautiful bouquet</p>
<p>I love this because you can keep the flowers forever!</p>
I would love a crocheted bouquet for my wedding in September. Must learn how to do it! Any hints? My flower is anemone
You can cheat and cut crocheted flowers off old shirts, hats, etc., from garage sales.
I found a free pattern for anemone here here.http://melibondre.com/blog/?p=400<br><br>If you don't crochet, I would suggest making the smaller flowers first. <br><br>Good luck! :)
I LOVE this idea! Super pretty :-)
FABULOUS! What a wonderful keepsake as well as so colorful and fun!
Hi Holly, <br> <br>Thanks for all the sweet comments. I didn't really keep track of the hours it took to make the flowers. I crocheted flowers while watching tv. They work up really fast. Constructing everything took a bit longer because you want to make sure the bouquet isn't lopsided with bigger flowers on one side than the other. :)
This is so cute and you look beautiful too! The crocheted bouquet is gorgeous! :) The pics looks amazing. Not sure why people missed this - but glad i found it! How long did it take to make one?

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