Picture of Crochet a Queensday ring
What’s more Dutch for Queensday than a king or queen crown? That’s why I (the Knitbitch) decided to crochet a ring with a crown on-top. The ring itself is not too difficult, it’s placing the ring on-top without interruption the work that’s challenging. If you find that too difficult you can crochet the 2 as seperate pieces and sew them together afterwards.
Good luck!

Step 1: What you will need for this project

Picture of What you will need for this project
some standard thin cotton SMC
crochet hook 2 and 3mm.
Choose your combination of yarn and needle so that your crochet will get really tight in order to make the crown stand-up.
Brosiman2 years ago
Very nice,all I need now is a matching hat!
knitbitch (author)  Brosiman1 year ago

good idea, have just about 4 months to work on it before next queensday which by the way by now has become kingsday :-)

ynze2 years ago
Hiep hiep, hoera!