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Introduction: Crochet a Yeti

My Yeti is a tribute piece based on the T-shirt Design "Everybody Loves a Yeti" by Scott Bartlett. To create my yeti, I used Red Heart Designer Sport yarn in white and green and a size E hook. The body was made in one piece and arms and legs were attached after brushing the yarn out to a soft fluffy texture with a pet slicker brush.

The pattern is not yet available, but it is on my list of things to do!

Thanks for checking out my instructable slide show and happy crocheting!
Karla (The Itsy Bitsy Spider)



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    Love This My Girlfriend Wants One We NEED This Pattern PLEEEEEAAAAASSE  :) Great Ible

    I really want to get to it -- I PROMISE!  If you can, join my facebook page and you'll be sure to get the latest as soon as it happens!

    when will the pattern become available I really want to make for my niece

    This is the first adorable looking yeti ive seen its so cute!!

    My son really wants me to make him a yeti/bigfoot & he really likes this one! :) is the pattern available? I would so appreciate your help. Thanks, Jen

    i can't stop looking at this cutie!

    Oh how cute.

    Looks like one might easily adapt this design to make a Domo-kun.

    I love Domo. :3

    Thats the yeti from the threadless shirt!!!

    He's cool!

    It would be great to see his cousin Big Foot too.