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This would fit in red or green I guess?

scrap acrylic yarn.
1 1/2 yds of any fabric
invisible plastic snap
sewing machine
yard stick
size H needle may go smaller next time though

The top was crocheted without a pattern, I just eyed what I was doing and trying it on a lot, using a double stitch. I made two sets of ties in the front one for the fabric to go to the side a bit to make it an inch under the other side of the fabric like a wrap. The fabric was woven through the stitches in the front. The skirt portion I then gathered and sewed it onto the bottom part of the top.
I took a strip of the fabric around the back strap area giving it a bit of a slouch, and then continued it around to the front as a collar, and so nothing falls out I also added an invisible snap. The fabric is thin and I did not make a lining so I would wear some leggings under it but I didn't know what else to call it other than a dress, maybe long shirt? This is a size 10 because I was a size 10 when I got the dummy, but I have lost so much weight I couldn't fit it on me and work on it so I made it the dummy's size and am hoping to gain the weight back to wear it soon.


ambre (author)2011-06-14

Very well done! Love the design & color mixing choices. Would love to just keep voting over & over for you, but I'm sure that I can only vote once! Good luck, I'm praying for yours to WIN!

maullove (author)ambre2011-06-16

Funny you should say that about voting more than once. You see sometimes people make sockpuppets to vote a whole bunch of times for the same instructable. It's super obvious when the profiles are created right before they vote/comment, have nothing but excessive praise, and post a few minutes apart. Why sometimes the sockpuppet's names really similar and use similar language!!!!

love4pds (author)maullove2011-06-17

Yea my sweet husband went and threatened his whole family with death unless they went here to vote, and his coworkers I thought it was sweet, and it isnt going to make any difference anyway. I busted him the other day and he finally admitted it to me. :)

raggirl (author)2011-06-15

People jokingly started calling me "Rags" cause I make clothes from other peoples rags. Would love to wear this dress to rid myself of the nickname! Beautifully done & designed!!!

sewwoman (author)2011-06-15

Don't know what to say other than "LOVE IT"!

thimblegirl (author)2011-06-15

Cute & Lovely! Great Color Choices! My daughter found this contest and was telling me about, but looked to late to enter. After seeing yours, it's good that I didn't enter. Such TALENT!!!!

needleworks (author)2011-06-15

Beautifully done! Colors and all look absolutely great together! Keep sewing with your ideas, as you are headed towards stardom!!!!

LADYBUTTON (author)2011-06-15

Pattern, Colors, & Style are great! Crocheted top & fabric dress, what a good combination together!

jojo25 (author)2011-06-15

Great idea on color choices. Never would have thought of them together! Looks great & love it!

needlegirl (author)2011-06-15

Where did you get the idea on the design? Colors & style are lovely!!!

bettyjanes (author)2011-06-15

I voted for this dress as it is adorable! Love the crochet top feature.

annie48 (author)2011-06-15

Where can I buy one? Looks great & would love to have this dress!

missy52 (author)2011-06-15

Beautiful. Love the color mixes!

leeanne2 (author)2011-06-14

love your dress. Good luck on the voting!

sexygirl (author)2011-06-14

Great Style and Pattern matching. I would purchase this in a heartbeat. Just love it.

ladybug48 (author)2011-06-14

This dress is a really great design. do you sell them, or just making for the contest? Would love to wear this out on the town one night!

amychick1 (author)2011-06-14

Want one ASAP! Love the style & colors! Never thought those colors would go together, maybe that's why you are so great at designs, and I'm, well I'm just me. Again, I love it!

judybug2 (author)2011-06-14

Beautiful! what more can I say?!! Love It.

chatcher (author)2011-06-14

Love to see such fresh ideas. Color, pattern, style & mixing of material is great. I would buy and wear this dress just to show me off, as I feel this dress would L@@k great on anyone! Best to you and feel that you are already a winner!

cindy36 (author)2011-06-14

Soooo talented! Love the colors. I voted on yours, as the style & design just says "TALENT". Best to you and your dreams in designing.

charitygirl3 (author)2011-06-14

Please update your profile, as I would love to know more about you. I love your design & the pattern choices are lovely. I read where one comment stated that "It would make me feel so alive just to wear it!", and that's stated much better than I could have! Good luck!!!

catlady23 (author)2011-06-14

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!! Please try and find a way to sent it to me via click this button!!! I have a Staples button, would that work? Keep sewing, as you are very talented in design, style and color matching!

barb26 (author)2011-06-14

I LOVE it! The color choices are just so right, and would make me feel so alive to be waring this dress! You need to be a designer by trade! Watch out Project Runway, you have a real contender here! I hope you win & you have my vote!

alison35 (author)2011-06-14

Beautifully done! Great flow & design. Colors are great together. Would love to find some of your designs in stores, but I feel that your designs may be out of my budget, but would buy it anyway!!!

swketner (author)2011-06-14

Great color and style, keep sewing...

alexis28 (author)2011-06-14

Best of luck ti you in your endeavours. I really like your design. I think it is a real winner!!!! Colors and Style are super!!!!

sw21 (author)2011-06-14

Great craftmanship! Love the pattern and color choices! I want one!!!! Best of luck in your possible win!!! I voted for you!

love4pds (author)2011-06-14

Thank you very much for your votes I am grateful for the time you took to do it just for me!!!! :)

maryjane59 (author)2011-06-14

All I can say is WOW, I love it!!! Good Luck!

bljenkins (author)2011-06-14

I live in Beaufort, SC. If you make and or ship your designs, I would love to see other creations. Your design makes me want to rip it off the screen and put it on!!!! I really hope you win the contest, as I feel yours is the BEST by FAR! Good luck!!!

jwiseman (author)2011-06-14

Would love to know where you get your ideas from! I love the style!!!! The colors match yet, don't, and are soooo pleasing together!!! You need to concern making this your career, if its not!!!! Good luck and look forward to seeing more of your creations!!!!

wayne4224 (author)2011-06-14

Looks like a lot more time & effort was spent designing & making this dress than a lot of others that I have seen in this contest---therefore I vote for yours!!! Great design and love the color matching along with adding the crocheted top! My wife wants one!!!!

jimmie2101 (author)2011-06-13

Love it! So Cute & Stylist!!!

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