Picture of Crochet and leather gym gloves
I was in need for gym gloves because skin on some areas of my palms was getting pretty thick and peel off due to particular exercises. And gloves look cool ;)  Nice gym gloves cost a lot. I could have bought cheap bicycle gloves but who knows how much they would help. So the route of making was to be taken.

This might not be 100% successful project but it was worth doing. The gloves do lighten the pressure to my palms but at the same time a crease in them tends to direct some of the pressure to more gentle part inbetween where the palm ends and fingers start. But I have learned to pay attention every time a grab a bar and not let that evil crease form. Generally they do improve the after workout feeling in my palms. I have no experience with commercial gym gloves to compare to.

So I think it is worth sharing and you can make your own improvements - let me know if you get very good results in reducing damage to your skin. Possibly thinner leather could make it better.

These gloves have genuine leather palm sides and crocheted back sides and wristband that closes with velchro. The method is to crochet a back of the hand piece and attach it to the leather palm side with some zig-zag chain crocheting. The wrist band is crocheted separately.

Prerequisite skills:
  • Basic crocheting - chain stitch, double (and higher) stitches, growing and shrinking a row, confidence to freestyle :)

  • Leather - for palm parts of the gloves, suitable thickness for your training weights, but generally I think thinner and softer is better
  • Crocheting thread - something not stretchy might be better
  • Velchro - for closing wrist bands
  • Sewing thread

  • Hole punch - such size that your croheting needle can work through these holes
  • Crocheting needle - size depends on the thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Paper, pencils etc
Ringer16332 years ago
these are great but i think i would use leather all the way round.
HMice3 years ago
That would be fantastic for trapeze, as we are always having ripped skin on our hands from the rough bar.
Those look awesome! Awesome idea :)