This was a project I did that included many of my favorite crafts!
Wet felting
Pin felting


Step 1: Crochet Bag


The first step is to crochet a bag using 100% yarn. Wool yarn is the most important part of the process because you are only able to felt natural fibers and wool works the best.

I crocheted a simple bag using a DS. It had an oval bottom and turned up sides. I made the pattern up as I went along. If you need an actual pattern you can find many options on Raverly or Pintrest. Additionally I added 2 straps from the side that tie on the shoulder. This way I was sure that the length was right for my body.


I'm jealous – you are way too talented!
Gorgeous purse, I love the embellishments on the front. Does it shrink when you wash/felt the bag?
That is awesome! I've always wanted to try wet felting something :) Maybe I'll give it a try!
I actually tried to wet felt some slippers from roving...it did not turn out so guess I will just have to try it again .... it was a lot of fun!
Fantastic! What a labor of love. I really think the last picture would make a sharper main image. Great work! And resourceful of you when the washing machine didn't do the trick.
Thank you! I organily had the last one as the main image .... not sure why I changed it.

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