Picture of Crochet gadget cozy
If you're new to crochet, hate counting stitches and like making rectangles, you may appreciate this low-effort project with high-yield results. This gadget cozy slings onto whichever purse you're currently schlepping. Use a hardy cotton, or linen yarn, and you'll have no-frills, knockabout scratch protection for your gear.
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Step 3: Join handle edges

Once your handle is the right length, join the two ends of the handle corner-to-corner with a slip stitch. Now you'll have this U-shaped bit of crochet work. Continue single-crocheting across the new long edge.

Before you join the handle together: the long tail you made at the beginning of the project should be on the OUTSIDE of the letter U. Not in the middle. That'll be important later.
dave_dave8 months ago
Nice one, i just have to translate it into Italian and i will make a try! thanks!
dulisha1 year ago
kristinazero (author) 5 years ago
PS: You can make longer and wider variants of this project for things like umbrellas and water bottles.