Crochet Tutorial - Amigurumi (Part 1)





Introduction: Crochet Tutorial - Amigurumi (Part 1)

Demonstration of how to make a stuffed ball shape, using single crochet in the style of amigurumi. This is part 1.



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    I don't understand what to do after the first single crochet ( 1:24.) Can you explain it for me?


    With the method demonstrated here, you put 5 more single crochet stitches into the same hole as that first one, for a total of 6 stitches. Later videos (like the Amigurumi Cherry) show you how to begin an amigurumi using another method you might like to try, called the Amigurumi Double Ring.

    ok. that helps me out loads. I'm a beginner, but i'm challenging myself to do harder things. It helps with tutorials.

    Great tutorials, because of you I have discovered my new-found love of amigurumi. After watching your videos, I was confidant enough to start my own little crochet creations (something other than a crooked square). I made this little guy for my pink obsessed daughter. Thanks again and keep on the great work!

    pinky bear.jpg

    Thanks for the great video, Wire!

    I was having a hard time following the other tutorials (here, and elsewhere), but you did a great job of moving slowly so that the initial stitch for each part was easy to understand.

    I'm just about ready to jump into part two!

    Thanks! (+5 Fav'd)

    Thank you so much! I have been trying amigurumi for ages and been so discouraged by other videos on the net, but this one has helped me to crochet a perfect head for my new creation. :D

     I just discovered this wonderful yarn work and totally fell in love with it.  So thank you for posting these great instructions!!  

    I am a self taught person when it comes to this stuff so having a reference is really helpful!

    Keep on stitching!!

    that decreace you did is techinically called a "half double crochet". (not to be a jerk and correct you, but...) it was informative, though. ty _

    I can see why you say that. What we in the US and Canada call a Single Crochet stitch is called a Double Crochet stitch in the UK. While a yarn over pulled through 3 loops looks a lot like a half double, because it's a decrease over two stitches, it's just called a single crochet decrease here. These videos were also made before I discovered the invisible single crochet decrease stitch, too. Perhaps that is the stitch you regularly call a single crochet decrease. Thanks so much for commenting! :D

    Ilove the amigurumi's and now I will finally be able to make one with these wonderful instructions