I am not the originator of this pattern and do not know who is. I was asked to look at one made like this and copy it for a gift.
If you know the originator of the pattern then let me know and I will post it here. Just want to share with you how I made mine to give as gifts. I do not use a gauge per se. I used measurements for the 3 panels that I crocheted. The pictures are shown as we go, and I will explain each step. :0)

This shows the finished product both closed in picture one, and open in picture two, to show the layered pockets!

Step 1: Step 1: Make your 3 panels

1 ball 3 oz. of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn camouflage in color
large eye needle for yarn ( to sew up sides )
7" zipper beige in color
beige embroidery thread to sew zipper
sewing needle right size for embroidery thread (3 strands)

7/8" or 1" button depending on how loose your button hole is.
need to fit snug

I used a crochet hook size H and the stitch I used was half double crochet.
For my way of crocheting  2 rows equaled 1/2 inch.

make 3 panels.
I crocheted the largest panel #1 to be 11½"high X 7
the second panel #2  is 7½"high X 7½"wide
the third panel is #3 is 3" high X 7½"   wide

If you need help with basic stitches, here is a website that I utilize CrochetSpot.com

Panel #1
chain 32, make a half double crochet (hdc) in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain to the end. (30 stitches) chain 2 turn
row 2.  hdc in each stitch across to end, (30 stitches) chain 2 turn.
Continue row 2 until you have 33 rows. now you will make the button hole with rows
34 and 35.
row 34:  hdc in the first 13 stitches, chain 4, skip next 4 stitches, hdc in the 17th stitch and the remaining stitches to the end. chain 2 turn.
Row 35: hdc in each stitch to the chain and work 4 hdc in the space made by the chain 4 and continue hdc across to the end. chain 2 turn.
final row 36: hdc in each stitch across to end. Finish off.

Panel #2
Follow directions as for Panel #1 up to row 23 and then finish off.

Panel #3
Follow directions as for Panel #1 up to row 10 then finish off.
Wow, I love the variegation of this! Great job :)
Thank you! yes! I really like the way it worked up! I have made some more and it always works up like this with the pink camo yarn. I did up another one in a thin striped Red/beige yarn and the effect took on a tweed-look, very classy. Thank you so much for your encouragement!
Your welcome! The closest I've ever come to a camo look is by crocheting with two balls of yarn of either like or contrasting colors simultaneously so that you end up with a somewhat twisted look. Also, I would love to see your red/beige one if you are finished!
Now you can get cotton camo already to go for you. I also have seen Pink Camo in Red Heart acrylic. Here is the Red tweed-look 5 pocket purse made with Sugar'n Cream Twists Cotton called 'Barnboard stripes'. <br>
I love it! Was this done with the same size hook as the original?
Yes! I used the same size H hook for this purse. You be blessed in your using this pattern.
Thank you! I knit a purse that had a very similar look to this, but wasn't as sturdy as I would have liked. Again, I used the two-yarn technique which provided a thick, but 'fluffy' effect, if you know what I mean. From what I can tell, this pattern eliminates that, but is still pliable enough to fold. Do you know how long this might take?
I estimate around 2 hours if I am not distracted. Yes, It is flexible easy to fold yet sturdy. It is because of the stitch that I have chosen, which is half double crochet. I believe you will be pleased. :0)
I think so! I would like to make for a Christmas gift, because it doesn't seem to take that long. I always get a late start on gifts for some reason! ;D
Thank you!
That is an intense pocket purse! Awesome design :)

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