These cute little hearts will fit nicely in the palm of your loved one's hand. Leave them as-is or go for super amigurumi cute by adding eyes and mouth.

Step 1: Materials

You will need yarn and a crochet hook of appropriate size. These hearts were crocheted using Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Rubine Red with a size F/5 (3.75mm) hook. You will want a hook that is a little smaller size than what is recommended for your yarn. This keeps the stitches close together so the stuffing won't escape. You will also need a yarn needle and about a handful of stuffing.
<p>Love this pattern! Really good work! I used it for a small minion who holds this heart in his hands :)</p><p>Using a 3.5 Hook and 50g/85m pure cotton, the heart becomes approx. 5x5cm :)</p>
<p>Excellent pattern! I'm using this pattern to make hearts for the Peyton Heart Project (www.thepeytonheartproject.org), so your pattern is spreading good vibes! Thank you!</p><p>*I did, however, have to make one small adjustment- in Row 9 I found that I needed to repeat *6* more times, not just 5.</p>
Oooh... Imma try this soon. XD
<em><span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(235,239,249);" title="ES muy bonito, voy a intentar tejer uno."><font size="5">It is very nice, I will try to weave one.</font></span></span></em>
These are stinking adorable! Would it be blasphemous to add some catnip and give them to my fur babies?
I&nbsp;would recommend making a little cotton pouch for the catnip, this will keep it from escaping and making your heart look dirty (I made a fish-like-object for mine and it got gross fast)<br /> <br />
&nbsp;from what I know, Chrocheing is not a religion
<br /> <br /> <br /> Then youre rather limited arent you?
Anything you believe in and live by can be a &quot;religion&quot;...:)<br />
I don't know how to crochet but these look great! I knitted some using a pattern from Martha Stewart's website, my kitties love them!
Thanks for posting this pattern. I had tried a similar heart but your pattern worked out a lot better. <br /> Here's the one I worked up, I added a loopy stitch around the outside.<br />
Thanks for sharing a pic of the one you made. I'm glad the instructions made sense. The loopy fringe is really cute. :)<br />
I made one of these today; great instructions and so cute! My daughter will love it. We'll probably put a few drops of essential oil in the stuffing and toss it in her pajama drawer.
I like the ideas about adding the essential oil or catnip. I have some dried lavender--I think I'll make some and add the lavender. Maybe add a cord or loop to hang them in the closet. Hmm..<br />
lovely gift so cute
actually, thank you for fixing the link
sorry, i am actually replying to pkruep's reply
They're cute, but I can't get the first link to work
Thanks! And thanks for letting me know about the link. That's fixed now.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them. And thanks for the tip about making a slideshow for the Lion Brand Contest. I guess I missed that bit about it being only slideshows. <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Crocheted-Amigurumi-style-Hearts_1/">Slideshow</a>Slideshow is posted!<br/>
Those are the cutest things ever! Post the results and stuff (like the pictures) into a Slideshow, then you can put that in the LionBrand Yarn contest because that is only for Slideshows. But very awesome job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)
These are so cute! :D

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