Crocheted Amigurumi-Style Hearts





Introduction: Crocheted Amigurumi-Style Hearts

These cute little hearts will fit nicely in the palm of your loved one's hand. Leave them as-is or go for super amigurumi cute by adding eyes and mouth.

Step 1: Materials

You will need yarn and a crochet hook of appropriate size. These hearts were crocheted using Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Rubine Red with a size F/5 (3.75mm) hook. You will want a hook that is a little smaller size than what is recommended for your yarn. This keeps the stitches close together so the stuffing won't escape. You will also need a yarn needle and about a handful of stuffing.

Step 2: Pattern

The hearts are created from the bottom up. This gets us a nice pointy bottom and none of the gapiness from decreasing stitches.

Stitches (all are US style):
sc: single crochet
sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together (AKA single crochet decrease, reduces number of stitches by 1
slp st: slip stitch
*( ): pattern segment, repeat as indicated

To start (row 1): create an adjustable ring with 3 single crochet (sc) stitches.

Row 2: 2 sc in each sc (6 sc)

Row 3: 1 sc in each sc (6 sc)

Row 4: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc)

Row 5: 1 sc in each sc (12 sc)

Row 6: *(2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next sc), repeat 5 more times (18 sc)

Row 7: 1 sc in each sc (18 sc)

Row 8: 1 sc in each sc (18 sc)

Row 9: *(2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next two sc), repeat 5 more times (24 sc)

Row 10: 1 sc in each sc (24 sc)

Row 11: *(sc2tog, 1 sc in next 4), repeat 3 more times (20 sc)

Now we form one of the lobes at the top of the heart. This might be a little tricky.

Row 12: Skip the first 10 stitches from he hook, sc in 11th stitch from hook, sc in each remaining sc (10 sc)

Row 13: 1 sc in each sc (10 sc)

Row 14: sc2tog 5 times (5 sc)

Tie off yarn and weave through stitches, pulling hole closed.

Fill with stuffing. If using craft safety eyes, add them now.

Second lobe:

Row 1: slp st yarn onto hook. sc in stitch closest to first lobe. sc in each remaining stitches (10 sc)

Row 2: sc in each sc (10 sc)

Row 3: sc2tog 5 times (5 sc)

Tie off yarn and weave through stitches, pulling hole closed.

Use crochet hook, thin knitting needle, or bamboo skewer to nudge stuffing up into second lobe.

Weave all loose ends in and trim.


Step 3: Tips

The overall shape and size of the heart will depend on the thickness of yarn and the size of the hook used.

You can adjust the shape and size by altering how often (or not) you increase stitches.

This was created to be crocheted in the round in continuous spiral, in typical amigurumi style. You will want to use a marker to keep track of your rows.



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    Love this pattern! Really good work! I used it for a small minion who holds this heart in his hands :)

    Using a 3.5 Hook and 50g/85m pure cotton, the heart becomes approx. 5x5cm :)

    Excellent pattern! I'm using this pattern to make hearts for the Peyton Heart Project (, so your pattern is spreading good vibes! Thank you!

    *I did, however, have to make one small adjustment- in Row 9 I found that I needed to repeat *6* more times, not just 5.

    Oooh... Imma try this soon. XD

    It is very nice, I will try to weave one.

    These are stinking adorable! Would it be blasphemous to add some catnip and give them to my fur babies?

    I would recommend making a little cotton pouch for the catnip, this will keep it from escaping and making your heart look dirty (I made a fish-like-object for mine and it got gross fast)

     from what I know, Chrocheing is not a religion

    Anything you believe in and live by can be a "religion"...:)

    I don't know how to crochet but these look great! I knitted some using a pattern from Martha Stewart's website, my kitties love them!