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Introduction: Crocheted Candy Cane

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Happy holidays everyone! So the holidays are coming up and I wanted to share these fast,cute and easy candy canes and you can put them on you christmas tree hand them out as gifts and so on. Please leave a comment on what your going to use your candy canes for.

Step 1: What Y'all Need

You will need

Red yarn
White yarn
I/9-5.50 mm crochet hook
And pipe cleaners (I choose red)

Sc/ single crochet
Ch/ chain

Step 2: Let Get Stared!

First ch 50 of red then sc in the seconded ch from the hook. crochet 3 sc in each ch then fasten off.
After that do the same with the white.

Once you have done that with the white and red twist them together then twist the pipe cleaner around the candy cane, then bend to make an candy cane shape. And your done happy holidays everyone!



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