Picture of Crocheted Candy Cane
Happy holidays everyone! So the holidays are coming up and I wanted to share these fast,cute and easy candy canes and you can put them on you christmas tree hand them out as gifts and so on. Please leave a comment on what your going to use your candy canes for.

Step 1: What Y'all Need

Picture of What Y'all Need
You will need

Red yarn
White yarn
I/9-5.50 mm crochet hook
And pipe cleaners (I choose red)

Sc/ single crochet
Ch/ chain

indywave (author) 1 year ago
Good luck to all the people who entered this contest!
indywave (author) 1 year ago
What do you need help doing?
tjohnson921 year ago
Looking for someone to teach me how to do this
indywave (author) 1 year ago
Ok. Tell me how it goes
11Brenda1 year ago
Gonna start on one today!
indywave (author) 1 year ago
Thank you so much
ChrysN1 year ago
Nice, those look great!