Step 4: The Teeth

The teeth seem like a hard part, but they are pretty easy. You can choose to do larger or more teeth, just follow the same pattern.

Choose a stich a little outside of one of the eyes on the edge of the hat. Tie a half-knot.

Row 1: In firt stich, slip stich one and sc in same st. Sc in every st for 30 st.
Row 2: Chain 1, turn, sc in every sc 6.
Row 3: Chain 1, turn, Sc, sc 2 sc together, sc, sc 2 sc together. (You should end up with four st).
Row 4: Chain 1, turn, sc 2 sc together 2 times.
Row 5: Chain 1, turn, sc 2 sc together. Finish Off.

Now cut the yarn, go to the next available sc on the rim of the hat where you have crocheted white sc. Tie a half-knot and repeat step 1-5, but without the sc in every st for 30. You should end up with 5 teeth. Then, just turn the hat over and repeat the whole process.
Can we see a picture if why the chain is supposed to look like
The math doesn't add up, I tried to follow the pattern and ended up with a curling wavey mess.<br>rnd 1 = 4 st, rnd2 is 2 hdc in each st of rnd 1 = 8 st, but if im following right, rnd 3 is 2 hdc in each st created by rnd 2, but this should equal 16(2 x8) not 8???<br>Can I get clarification?
Sorry, that is just my poor attention skills at work, I shall fix it immediately!
heh, after trying it twice more your way, I ended up following the pattern from the reverse, from the brim and judging distance by the number of chains it took to go around my head...and ended up with 20 more st than your measure. <br>It let me do a custom fit and look anyways.
I'm glad you figures it out. Sorry it was so difficult to follow.
not difficult to follow, I just have a fat head. lol

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