Step 4: The Teeth

Picture of The Teeth
Chain Chomp Hat 006.JPG
The teeth seem like a hard part, but they are pretty easy. You can choose to do larger or more teeth, just follow the same pattern.

Choose a stich a little outside of one of the eyes on the edge of the hat. Tie a half-knot.

Row 1: In firt stich, slip stich one and sc in same st. Sc in every st for 30 st.
Row 2: Chain 1, turn, sc in every sc 6.
Row 3: Chain 1, turn, Sc, sc 2 sc together, sc, sc 2 sc together. (You should end up with four st).
Row 4: Chain 1, turn, sc 2 sc together 2 times.
Row 5: Chain 1, turn, sc 2 sc together. Finish Off.

Now cut the yarn, go to the next available sc on the rim of the hat where you have crocheted white sc. Tie a half-knot and repeat step 1-5, but without the sc in every st for 30. You should end up with 5 teeth. Then, just turn the hat over and repeat the whole process.