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Introduction: Crocheted Coffee Mug Cozy

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This is a tutorial/pattern for a crocheted coffee mug cozy! It functions as an insulator and a coaster! The following are the materials needed:

-worsted weight wool yarn
-4.25mm (G) crochet hook
-coffee mug
-tapestry needle

Step 1: Making the Base..

The base is made similar to crocheted amigurumi. It's worked in the round until it's as big as the base of your cup. I had a standard coffee mug and this is how I got the base:

Round 1: Start with 6 sc (single crochet) into a double-ring
Place a stitch marker into your first stitch and move it as you go along, into the new first stitch of each new round. Do not join your rounds!

Round 2: make 2 sc into each stitch (12 sc total)
Round 3: *make 1 sc into the first stitch, 2 sc into the next* around (18 scl)
Round 4: *make 1 sc into each of the first 2 stitches, 2 sc into the next* around (24 sc)
Round 5: *make 1 sc into each of the first 3 stitches, 2 sc into the next* around (30 sc)
Round 6: *make 1 sc into each of the first 4 stitches, 2 sc into the next* around (36 sc)
Round 7: *make 1 sc into each of the first 5 stitches, 2 sc into the next* around (42 sc)
Round 8: 1 sc in each stitch.

You should now have a circle about the size of the base of your cup. If you have a wider cup, do one more increase round before round 8.

Step 2: Making the "rise"..

The next few rounds go up the sides of the cup, hence I call it the "rise."

Round 9 (if you've made a base like mine): After you've crocheted one even round, slip-stitch (slst) into the front loops only of the previous round.

The next round is kind of tricky, as you will be crocheting into the back loops of round 8.
Round 9.5: 1 sc into the back loops of Round 8. Remember, you slst into the front loops ONLY in round 9!

Round 10-11: sc into each stitch.
Row 12 (notice, we're now going to work in rows!): slst into first 3 stitches, herringbone half-double crochet (hhdc) into the remaining 39, ch 1, turn.
Row 13-18: hhdc into each stitch, ch 1, turn.
Row 19: sc into each stitch...

Step 3: Finish It All Up!

After the last row (sc), ch 21, turn.
slst into second ch and each of the rest, back down to the row.

reverse single-crochet down the side of the HHDC rows, across the 3 slst near the base, and up the other side of the HHDC rows. Ch 21 at the top. slst into the second ch and each of the rest, back down to the row. Reverse sc across the top of the cozy and finish with a slst into the bottom of the first ch 21.

weave in all ends with your tapestry needle and you're done!

I made quite a few of these as last-minute Christmas gifts. After the first, you can easily make one in an hour!



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20 Discussions

I don't understand how you make the whole for the handle, i'm very confused

2 replies

Instead of continuing around the circle, stop there and go the other way around, back to the other side. You can adjust to the width of the handle then. So you can leave a small space and check if it's wide enough for the handle, if it is, then just turn back the same way you came.
When you're above the handle, make the strings for the bow.

the hole is made by crocheting back and forth across the stitches, instead of in the round. on the very last row, you make two ties. when you tie the cozy, there's a hole for the handle.

well, it looks like I am gonna have to try this pattern! It looks simple enough, and I can make some to give away at the Ladies Tea.

how do you make aherringbone half double also Ilike the patterns of those kids hats on the last page

Yay! I made this, and it's pretty cute. I needed an easy first project to learn crochet and this fit the bill perfectly. Thank you!

Mug Cozy email.JPG

made this as a present. great pratice for crocheting and really well recieved. a much more personal idea than just throwing chocolate at them. THANKS!!
 (great directions)   : )

This is fantastic. I now have my Christmas list taken care of. :)

I was wondering if this pattern is for sale somewhere? I love the pattern and have made several for friends and family and now people are asking if they can buy them from me. I've changed the pattern a bit but it is still basically your pattern. I don't want to charge for it without your permission.

I found a way to make recyclable crochet coffee sleeves just intime for late Christmas gifts...keep on in my pocket and when that takeout drink is too hot, or cold, or i need it to stay that way longer, i just slip it on....I like these for my friend who are athome or the school bus stop enjoying their tea! Thanks for sharing

1 reply

Hey. Have you made an 'ible for the coffee sleeves? I'd be interested in seeing it if you did!

Terrific way to use up some of those wild scraps of yarn I have! Thanks!

Thanks so much! Great pattern! So easy to make and change the size of too.

Thank you! Thank you!! Not only did I learn two new stitches, but I made a fantastic cozy. I've been collecting mugs, honey , tea and hot chocolate I've gotten on sale and clearance. These will make wonderful gifts!! This is also a great way to use up scrap yarn.

i made one of these the other day -- it went quickly and now my tea stays warmer. i hadn't used the hhdc stitch before, but it makes for a nice texture. great pattern -- thanks!

I love gifts like these! What a great idea! Thanks for the pattern.

Wow, great job! Add the results into a new Slideshow and add it to the new contest, this is a great thing you have made here!