After I made my cherry pie I was still bored and hungry so I I made a croissant. I think I might be even hungrier now.
I really liked making this though because it was basically made the same way a real croissant is made. Obviously it's not dough but I crocheted it in the same shape that a croissant would be cut (triangle with a couple inch slit in the middle of the bigger edge) and then rolled it up like you would roll up a croissant. I put a bit of wire in the middle so that it would keep it's shape and then sewed the tips to hide the wire.

The step by step guide for this croissant can be found here.
I love this--it looks so real. Now I have to get busy designing a way to knit this beauty, since my crochet skills are pathetic!
Thanks! I was really pleased with how this turned out. If you want I can type up what I did for you. Even if you don't have the best crochet skills I'm sure you could make it. You only need to know how to do single crochet and decreasing. <br>Or I could make another one up and take a picture of it before I roll it I if you would like? I'm sure if you saw the shape of it you could mimic it in knit form.
If it would be no trouble for you to make another one, I would really appreciate a picture of it. I love to make knitted play food for my daughter--I think I enjoy it as much as she does!
Oh it wouldn't be any trouble at all. I'll make one up as soon as I'm done with my current project. :)

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