This mobile was designed for a dear friend's newborn baby. With some creative guidance from the mother-to-be, I kept my design simple and decided to stick with one color of yarn and one crocheted animal. Any crocheted animal or object in any color (or variety of colors) would work great. 

The elephants hang from a delicate cotton thread allowing them to spin and move freely with a delicate touch. This mobile is great for boys or girls, a baby shower gift, and nursery decor. Once your baby outgrows the mobile, you can remove the elephants and use them as soft toys! 

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies For Elephants:
Elephant Pattern from "Vanna's Choice - Easy Crochet Critters"
1 Skein 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn (White, approx. 150 yards)
Size F Crochet Hook
Stitch Marker (I used a bobby pin)
Plastic Large-Eyed Needle
8 Plastic Shank Back Animal Eyes (Black, 6mm)
Fiberfill Polyester Stuffing

Supplies For Mobile:
4 Wood Dowels (5/16" diameter)
1 Wood Cube (1.5" X 1.5" X 1.5")
Tiny Eye Hook
Wood Glue
100% Cotton Crochet Thread (White)

Drill Press
5/16" Drill Bit
3/32" Drill Bit (this bit size is for the eye hook hole, which could vary depending on the size eye hook you buy)
Band Saw
Measuring Tape
Sandpaper (600 Grit)

There is a lot of room for variation in the mobile. The exact wood dowels and cube don't need to be used, you could go bigger or smaller. Just remember if you get different sized dowels you will need a drill bit that corresponds to the same size dowels you buy. 

These are sooo cute, hope you win a contest somewhere with this idea!!!

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