Picture of Crocheted Fairy Wings
Last year for Gen Con when Mr. Fruppi wanted to dress up as Captain America, he convinced me that I should dress up too.  After giving a lot of thought as to what on earth I could wear, I finally came up with the idea for these wings.  I eventually made a whole fairy outfit, but the wings are definitely the best part.  Read on to learn how I did it!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn in olive
Small amounts of yarn in whatever other colors you might have handy
Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook
2 wire hangers
Tape to hold them together (I used electrical tape)  A more advanced crafter might join the wire in a more sophisticated way.  (Soldering?  I've never done it!)
Pliers (because some of us lack the hand strength to effectively bend wire hangers)
A yarn needle
Scissors (I have one pair here for cutting my electric tape and one fancy and more portable pair for my yarn)
A sketch of what you want your wings to look like
smedd3 years ago
That was a great idea.
I've tried it and made some changes for my daughter:


Reka from Hungary
mframpton4 years ago
Great tutorial, thanks for sharing
Jaelle4 years ago
That's a great idea. I love how the wings seem to be made out of moss.
Clever! Like the details of the wings. I'd love these in lavender. :)
SuzyMac5 years ago
Absolutely Adorable!! I knew there was a reason I saved all my wire hangers!!!
tetheredcat5 years ago
Gorgeous! What a clever idea!! And GREAT instructable! I can't wait to make a pair (and one for my little girl!!)
violetkitty5 years ago
instead of electrical tape if u know how u could sodder it
Lettucehead5 years ago
Great instructable!
Lettucehead5 years ago
Great instructable!
sally335 years ago
What the heck is the Yarn Needle for? You list in materials, but then never again? Curious! and heading out to the woods this week for my birthday, taking my supplies with me to make a pair of nymph wings! Thanks for the instructable!
Fruppi (author)  sally335 years ago
The yarn needle was used to sew the chains that connect the double crochet swirl pieces to the outside edges (or to the other bits of the double crochet swirl). It was also used to weave in ends and attach the flowers. Good luck!
Marry me, I love these so much.
Great way to use my yarn stash! Now I need to find the hangers. I don't go to the dry cleaners and all our hangers are plastic..... NO WIRE HANGERS!
Fruppi (author)  Murphys Laws5 years ago
Maybe Goodwill has some? Or yard/garage sales might be a good place. I just had a couple hiding in the back of the closet.
oakhill535 years ago
Wonderful job on the fairy wings! You really have great design talent... love the flower touches.... I have many nieces who would love the wings...
lotusduck5 years ago
I could dig this with crocheted wire!
b3245 years ago
I make coat hanger wings almost every year for at least one of my three grand's. I've always struggled with covering the frame with netting and/or other ethereal fabrics. (even pantyhose one year). But these wings are fantastic! thanks for this brilliant idea!
kaleezee5 years ago
That is so cool! I was going to be a burgler this year, but i think i want to be a fearie of some sort now, just to make those wings! I like the idea of a spider web pattern.
canida5 years ago
This looks great! I'm now imagining crocheted wings made with a sparkly eyelash yarn...
Shippygirl5 years ago
I love this! I'll have to come up with a design and make these before next year's medieval fair.
ChrysN5 years ago
Those look really cute, great job!