Crocheted Flower Hair Pins




Introduction: Crocheted Flower Hair Pins

These hair accessories are extremely easy to create and definitely eye-catching.  I crocheted both flowers with blue yarn using a 3.75cm size needle. After the crocheting was complete, all I did was insert a bobby pin through a strand of yarn on the back of each of the flowers.  I wear a similar white crocheted flower hair pin several times a week, and already have offers from classmates wanting to buy some from me.

Personally, I really enjoy the look this accessory gives.  I am a supporter of handmade items of all/any kinds, and each compliment I receive on my own homemade projects fuels me to do more.  My philosophy, if you don't want to blend in and look like everyone else, just quit buying popular brand name items.  That's only making those companies more powerful.  

Thank you for reviewing my entry, I hope you like it, and if you do, please vote, and then come check out my profile, krmarburger, to see some other fun, easy, and cheap tutorials anyone could do.




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