Picture of Crocheted Hackeysack/Juggling Ball
I always find myself needing more juggling balls- a friend has "borrowed" mine and kicked it flat playing hackeysack, I lose one in the airport, I learn how to juggle more balls...

Though you can make do and juggle nearly anything, I really like to juggle with nice, crocheted balls. And when you make your own, you can make them exactly the fullness, dimensions, and weight you're looking for.

This tutorial also works for hackeysacks.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need some string, a crochet hook, and something to fill the hackeysack with (more on that in the "filling" step).

Step 2: Starting

Picture of Starting
Tie a slip knot in the end of your string. Insert the crochet hook through and pull some string through- your first stitch. Make a couple of stitches (just 2 or 3 total) in a line, then loop it around and join the circle.

Step 3: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom
Work your way around the circle. Turn it into an expanding hexagon by double-stitching every 1/6 of the way around.
Keep expanding it flat until the minimum dimension is 2" and the maximum dimension (point to point) is 2.5".

Step 4: The Sides

Picture of The Sides
Stop double-stitching and keep working your way up. Your hexagon will round out as the piece takes on three dimensions.
Keep going until you've gone up 2".

Step 5: The Top

Picture of The Top
Work the decrease in a hexagon by skipping stitches every 1/6 of the way around.
I marked my 1/6ths with pins as shown.
Stop before you've closed it off too far.

Step 6: Filling

Picture of Filling
Fill your hackeysack/juggling ball with whatever material you prefer. Beans work really well. I've used acorns and even gravel before, and they've worked fine. You can also fill with little plastic pellets. Just make sure whatever you use is bigger than the biggest hole in your crochet weave.

I used quilt batting here. It was the only thing I could find, and I don't really recommend it. It works okay for a juggling ball, though.
Susitna8 months ago
I used to crochet balls like this to fill with catnip. To keep the catnip from leaking out I stuffed inside a piece of nylon stocking. My felines would chase the balls for hours.
joezy03 years ago
Idea! Put LEDs in lots of them and create a hanging ball light thing!
omnibot3 years ago
Sweet! I've been wondering what to do with my bottle of unused soft airgunpellets, now I know. Thanks.
SHIFT!3 years ago
awesome! honestly, i was more of a Koosh ball fan myself, but still the same totally awesome principle.