Introduction: Crocheted Infinity Scarf

I made this scarf on a whim and I didn't take any pictures during the process. I'm sorry that there is not that many pictures, but it is a fairly simple pattern to understand.
First I chained 226 stitches. It may seem like a lot but when I was chaining I just wanted the scarf to fit around my head about two (now it fits around three) times and I wasn't really counting until afterwards. But whatever number of chains you have make sure that it's an even number. The pattern is worked using every other stitch, so it helps to have an even stitch length. When I came home one day I saw two bags of nothing but yarn and I was soooooooo HAPPY! I didn't know she bought me yarn some so that just made my day. And I used some of that yarn in this scarf. The green, purple, and orange were from the surprise gift. The gray-purple colored yarn is the result of me trying to dye acrylic yarn. If you didn't know acrylic yarn does not take dye and yet I still tried to dye some. I kinda like how it came out though. The rest of the yarn is from my stash of yarn. When I was done the last two rows made the scarf look larger, and kinda curled out. To somewhat fix that, I blocked my scarf on a cardboard pattern board and pinned the sides down to the sides. It help define the double crochets and make the scarf a bit wider. It may have worked better if I hade wet the scarf and then pin it, but because I didn't want to ruin my pattern board I pinned it dry. I left it in a corner of my room for what was supposed to be two days turned into a week. This step is optional, I just wanted to make the spaces stand out a little bit more (and to fix the top).
Below is a tentative pattern that I used but you can change the order and colors to make it your own.

* 4 medium weight yarn
* 5.5 mm I-9 crochet hook
* scissors

sc= Single crochet
dc= Double crochet
st= stitch
sl st= slip stitch
ch= chain stitch
Row 1) ch any even number large enough to fit over your head twice (226)
Row 2) sc in every st and sl stjoin
Row 3) Chain 3, dc in the next st chain 1, dc in the next st(repeat and sl st to join)
Row 4) 2 sc st in each of the chain 1 spaces, sl st to join
Row 5) Chain 3, dc in the next st chain 1, dc in the next st(repeat and sl st to join)
Row 6) 2 sc st in each of the chain 1 spaces, sl st to join
Row 7-9) Repeat row 5
Row 10) Repeat row 6
Row 11-13) Repeat rows 7-9
Row 14) 2sc st in each of the chain 1 spaces sl st to join
Row 15) Chain 3, dc in the next st chain 1, dc in the next st(repeat and sl st to join)
Row 16) 2 sc st in each of the chain one spaces, sl st to join
Row 17) sc in each sc, sl st to join
Row 18) dc in the space of of row 16 sc
Row 19)Repeat row 5, sl st to join


MsSweetSatisfaction made it! (author)2014-11-16

The scarf is adorable, and looks super warm!

gwenif made it! (author)gwenif2014-11-16

Thank you! and it is very warm. (:

astout2 made it! (author)2014-11-16

Do you change colors every row? that was unclear.

gwenif made it! (author)gwenif2014-11-16

Umm, I changed colors when I single crochet in the spaces like in row 4. And just whenever I felt like there need to be more variety in the scarf as a whole with the double crochets. But for the most part I did change color every other row.

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