Love is in the air with these magical kissing love birds!  These adorable love birds are crocheted with magnets tucked inside to make them super smoochy.  You won't be able to stop playing with these darling birdies and testing their magnetic attractions.  The perfect gift for Valentine's Day, or any day you want to inspire your loved one to engage in some smooching too!

Step 1: Materials

I followed this free pattern from Lion Brand, and used two different types of yarn and two different sizes of crochet hooks to create two differently-sized birds:

Lion Brand Wool Ease in Blush Heather
Crochet Hook - Size G-6 (smaller bird)

Lion Wool in Winter White
Crochet Hook - Size H-7 (larger bird)

Scraps of black yarn or 6mm Safety Eyes 

Large-Eye Blunt Needle

Split-ring stitch marker

Stuffing - I didn't have any batting on hand, so I used a cut-up old sock and t-shirt!

These are adorable! I think I am going to try my hand at crocheting this winter. This will be one of my first projects. Thanks for sharing!
I feel like I'm making mine too big. Idk what I'm doing wrong.<br>
Trying This!! love it! :)
Great! Make sure you take some pictures to share :D
super cute, although I'm jealous that you are somewhere where there is grass. snow does not make as good of a backdrop. :)
These are adorable. I love the magnet idea!
This is very nice.
They're just so adorable!
Great job! Very cute!
Very cute...
How sweet!

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