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The Clock Tower is the symbol of our town, Maynard, Massachusetts. 
It is in the center of town, in what once was a mill, then was the computer company Digital, and now is filled with many different companies. 
You can hear the bell ring every hour from anywhere in town. 

I decided to crochet a model of the clock tower, and I am donating it to the PTO Auction for our elementary school. 

When I want to crochet something, I try to break up the piece into simple shapes, (circles, squares, triangles, spheres, etc.) Then put them all together. I think you can crochet almost anything this way. 

You can learn more about the real clock tower here:


wimsycat (author)2012-09-30

This is so cool and an unexpected find! I worked for DEC for many years, and the clock tower is a fond memory. I may make this in miniature with crochet thread. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on being a contest Finalist!

Wonderlandknitter (author)2011-02-19

Very nice. I love the detail on the clock face!

kooyma (author)2011-02-07

sweet! impressive that you did your own pattern!! very cool!

domestic_engineer (author)kooyma2011-02-07

Thanks. If you like this, check out my muppets too. 

The Amazing Noodle (author)2011-02-07

Someone will be glad to win this at the PTO auction!

I sure hope so!

ChrysN (author)2011-02-06

Cool, it has a bell too.

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