Crocheted Punk Unicorn Toy





Introduction: Crocheted Punk Unicorn Toy

This is an unexpected followup to my dragon toy. Shortly after I finished that, my mom called me and asked, "Do you have any ideas for birthday presents for your sister?" I said, "Uhhhhhh...," since I had totally forgotten that her birthday was coming up. I decided quite quickly that I wanted to make her a toy though, since I'd had so much fun with the dragon. Whipped this design up at work the next day and have been working on it ever since - it was only about a week after her birthday that I finished it...!

It's made with something black and white, Red Heart yarn I think, and Lion's Tiffany, Lame', and Glitterspun. Oh did I love the Tiffany for this application. The Lame' was kind of a pain to work once I got up towards that point, as it's rather stiff, but the stiffness did have an advantage: I didn't have to stuff the horn to get it to stay up! Also I used two buttons and some polyfil stuffing.

And then, of course, I thought, "Hey, deadline's not past yet - may as well upload pics." So here they are!

(I didn't really think this was going to become a trend, but about halfway through the unicorn a hydra design suddenly popped into my head, and I realised I was on my way towards writing the niche-est craft book ever: crochet mythological animal toys.)



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    I loved the black and white striped yarn...Neat!

    This is amazing! is there any way that you could post the pattern for this? My school mascot is a unicorn and I would absolutely LOVE to make it.

    Funny name for it, its cute too!

    omg gosh this sooooo awesome!

    This is really sweet. Love the horn!

    I love handmade toys. They are very special. However, for a very young child I would recommend not using button eyes, but embroidering them on for safety, or crochet a small circle in contrasting yarns and sewing on firmly.

    Yeah, kid toys definitely need soft accessories. Never quite looks as good to me (at least not when I have buttons or beads or something I'm comparing to), but what can you do? Half the time I worry about making toys with multiple pieces, sewn together or not; it's been a while since I've been around small ones on a regular basis and I'm a little fuzzy on what they're capable of.

    Definitely needs a safety pin! I'd love to see the Hydra too.

    Or a wristband with a little 'A' on it! She's not much of a punk though. Well... now I dunno. She might think it was cute! I've got safety pins; I'll try it when I get home and see what I think. And you guys are like comment ninjas. This thing was barely up when my email told me I had two comments already!