I love a good scrubby for scrubbing pots and pans and I just learned that more than one of my friends appreciate good scrubbies too.  So this last Christmas, more than one of my friends received my handmade scrubbies as a gift.  I have other friends who will be receiving some as birthday gifts.  They are easy, quick and inexpensive to make.  So here is how I crochet a scrubby.

Step 1:

½  yard (.46m) of net fabric ( +/- $1.00 per yard (.92m))
Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook
Cutting mat
Metal ruler
Rotary cutter
<p>Since the nylon net is so wide, I would serge it into a tube, offsetting the corners by the width to be cut. Then I could cut the &quot;yarn&quot; all in one continuous strip.</p>
As long as you have a total length of about 18 yards you should be okay. Give it a go, and see how it works. Good luck and thanks for commenting.<br>
<p>can you tell me how is the best way to buy the rolls of falk mesh (6&quot;) and cut them into desired sizes. Thanks ahead of time</p>
I have never used the rolls of mesh. I would prefer to cut them 2&quot; wide without having to unroll and cut. I am not sure if there is a way to cut all the way through the layers while still on the roll. Other wise I would unroll it onto layers on my cutting board and then use my quilting ruler/rotery cutter, to cut the 2 inch wide strips. Sounds like an experiment to me. Thanks for asking.
<p>I was given a couple of these as a gift...now I can't wait to make my own and give them as gifts as well!!! ?</p>
<p>I sent some of my friend's handmade scrubbies to Norway.</p><p>My Mother lives there, and she loved them</p>
<p>Great! Thank you!</p>
<p>A friend of mine used these instructions to make one for me. I have been using it every day since and it still looks beautiful! </p>
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