Crocheted Siberian Husky Puppy





Introduction: Crocheted Siberian Husky Puppy

LoneWolf suggested that I make a husky. It took me awhile, but she is finally finished! This husky puppy sits about 6 inches tall, not including her ears. I gave the yarn a fluffy look by brushing the dog with a new, clean cat brush. She was a bit of a challenge to design, but I am quite happy with the result! Thanks for the inspiration, LoneWolf!



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Thanks so much for your kind words everyone. I almost never use this site, but I checked it on a lark and saw all these wonderful comments! I will have to get on here more often, and hopefully when I have a bit more time on my hands I can make a tutorial to share on amigurumi design.

ABSOLUTELY adorable!! im begging for the pattern plz plz plz!!!

Thanks so much! I didn't write down anything I did while I made the dog, so I'm afraid I don't really have a pattern to share. However, I did a search on and found a husky pattern for sale here She has lots of cute patterns for other animals as well as dog breeds!

doont know how people can do it without a pattern, sooooooo cute!!

Great job on the dog. The best part is that he was made with love.

Thanks a ton!!! It looks great!!!