Picture of Crocheted Size 10 Thread Cross Bookmark Gift
An intermediate pattern, I wrote this cross bookmark pattern because I didn’t like the ornate, long, and seemingly complicated cross bookmark patterns I was finding in books. I am a really good crocheter, but I am NOT a very good at thread crocheting.  (Or maybe I don’t have the patience for some of the patterns….)  This pattern is so much easier to work up than others I’ve come across.  If you exclude the starching part, (with fabric stiffener) you could probably finish one of these up in one to three hours.

I make these bookmarks for gifts for friends and relatives.  The size 10 thread color in the photos is a pastel mix, and I made this bookmark for an Easter basket.

If you are a good crocheter, I would call this an easy pattern.  If you are a new to crochet, this pattern may seem complicated, but it has all the standard language of a regular pattern, just using small thread.  I have not tried to make this pattern using regular yarn, and I figured it wouldn’t be used as a bookmark at that point.  If I did, I would probably use a size G or H crochet hook.

A tassel could be added to the end if you would like and/or a ribbon tied to the top.  (No picture, but please use your imagination!
As this is my first post, please be kind on your comments… Thanks! =D
Judible1 year ago
Thank You for the great Cross pattern!!!!! I like to put a Cross that can be enjoyed as a bookmark in cards and letters, this one will be going out in the morning mail!!!
God Bless you and yours.