Crocheting a hat is something so simple that even a beginner can do it. This hat in particular only requires the knowledge of working in the round and double crochet. As long as you can do that you can make a slouch hat* in no time at all.

*There has been some confusion about the name of this hat. In the knitting/crocheting community it is commonly known as a slouch hat but many people know it as a type of military hat. This crocheted hat is not meant in any way to disrespect the military version but it simply shares the name because of the fact that it slouches.
For more information on the military one you can go here.

Step 1: Choosing Your Yarn

You want to choose your yarn carefully. Don't just go out and buy the cheapest yarn you see because if you do it won't necessarily turn out well.

Things to look for when you are choosing your yarn:
-Find yarn that has some give to it and will stretch.
-Make sure it is soft and comfortable. You don't want to buy something that is scratchy and rough since you will be wearing it.
-Find a color you like. No matter how soft and how much stretch it has if you don't like the color you won't want to wear it.

The yarn I used was Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted. They have a ton of colors but the one I used was Nostalgia. Malabrigo yarn is a very soft to the touch yarn and has plenty of stretch. The only downsides of it are that it is not very thick and that since it is 100 percent merino wool it is a bit pricier than other yarn (I paid about 10 dollars for one skein).

Another yarn I would recommend would be Lion Brand's Wool-Ease. It's a cheaper alternative (around 3 dollars) because it is only 20 percent wool but at the same time it is soft and has a bit of give to it. It's also a bit thicker so if you want a quicker crochet it would be a better yarn for you.


<p>yay thank you cant wait to make it actually im doing it tonight</p>
Hey, this tutorial is amazing! I made one, and now all of my friends want one! I was just wondering how long it takes for you personally to make one of these?
<p>I started the hat but the round seems as though it's starting to fold into a tiny cup kind of shape! Help!!! I just want to make a cute hat :(</p>
<p>I'm a bit confused on the write-up. Was I supposed to 2 dc the next stitch from the end of the 2nd row then crochet 2 dc the next stitch after that and do only one dc? (3rd rnd)</p>
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS! I knew how to make a crocheted hat as a kid, but then forgot how long ago. You made this look so simple I am definitely going to be trying it again, AND I needed a hat like this too :-) <br>Thank you, thank you, thank you !!
You are very welcome! I hope it turns out well! :)
This is great, thanks so much for it! Not only is it super easy to make, it's also really quick! I'm on row 13 after just a couple hours. Had to force myself to take a breat because my whole left forearm was starting to get sore.. There's a couple of random holes in it, but they aren't that noticeable.. Still looks great so far :D
No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern. Hope it turns out alright! :D
great instructable, thanks for posting! i was wondering approx how much yarn is required for a nice slouchy hat? i'm a beginner at crochet and am completely clueless...
Thank you! You really don't need much for a hat. I used way less than one skein of malabrigo (210 yards) for the hat pictured. For other hats that I've made I have used less than one thing of lion brand wool ease (197 yards). You should be fine with just one of whatever yarn you buy. <br>You do have to keep in mind your head size though. I have a pretty small head so I don't need much yarn. If you have a bigger head you are going to need a bit more than I do. But I would still say you would probably be good with just one.<br>Let me know if you have any more questions when you actually start making it. :)
hi aznemily, thanks for the advice! i've started the hat and i'm wondering about the last step and finishing off. will the hat have a little step in the edge, like in your second photo in step 4 or is there a trick to tapering off the crochet to avoid that? thanks for the great instructable, lots of fun! :)
On my hat there is a little step but it really isn't that noticeable when you're wearing it so it doesn't bother me too much. It's like that because I worked it in spiral instead of in rounds that are joined at the end each time. If you wanted it to be smoother then you would need to work it in rounds joined with slip stitches.<br>Sorry that took me so long to respond. I just didn't see this comment until now for some reason!
i certainly wasnt trying to troll/flame but obviously my tone was too aggressive. i will endeavour to re-read my forum rants in future to make sure i dont come off as an arse.<br><br>yes i found it annoying that a beanie now shares the same name as something which i respect greatly and my forefathers wore to their graves, but i wasnt trying to cause said knitted attire to be re-named and certainly wasnt trying to be mean towards Aznemily who is just posting a very nice instructable on some fine knitted attire.<br><br>i deffinitely appologise for coming off as rant-ish
As I told kai.h I will be adding a statement about the differences as soon as I have time. Hopefully this will avoid any more confusion.
Look, I take it all back, everything I said!<br><br>This designer has done a great instructable (I've put up all of one, and there's a fair bit of work involved in it) and has called this hat by it's common name (that I was unaware of).<br><br>I was merely pointing out that some may be confused by the title of the instructable as a slouch hat is a very specific piece of headwear in some places, particularly Australia and New Zealand.<br><br>This hat seems to have received it's name in exactly the same way that the military hat did, in that it's slouching.<br><br>Please people, be nice to those that are contributing to this community, I really didn't mean to stir up anything like this discussion.
You don't need to take back anything you've said! You have done nothing wrong. I found it quite interesting to learn some history that I was unaware of and I thank you for that. The whole thing has just gotten a little ugly but it's not your fault. <br>I'm planning on adding a brief statement to avoid further confusion on my instructable about the difference as soon as I have enough time to do so.
Great tutorial, thank you
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)
Great instructable, but a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slouch_hat">Slouch Hat</a> is actually a completely different piece of headwear with a long military history, especially here in Australia.
I had no idea that a slouch hat could be considered more than one thing! In the crochet/knit community hats like this are usually called a slouch hat. It's quite interesting that the two types of hats with the same name are so different.
im not going to say thats disrespectful but....<br><br>its really quite disrespectful
And as an Aussie and a knitter and crocheter I can honestly say I would be hard pressed to find an Aussie who would find the name of this hat disrespectful. This style of hat is well known in the knitting/crocheting community as a slouch hat and has been for a very long time.<br><br>Strangely enough it is possible for one word to have two different meanings.
nice hat though
Just curious davIRE -- what was disrespectful?
I'm wondering that as well. Have I said something that could be considered rude? If I did it was not intentional.
mostly your non chalants in palming off kai.h's comment but also your indifference to the fact that probably the most notable and respected piece of attire in australia is having it's name bastardized by the knitting community, and by that I presume you are referring to some Americans because no australian Brit or kiwi would call it that. I can't think of an American comparison but the slouch hat is a revered thing and a symbol of the sacrifices Australians have made in both world wars and all global conflicts since. calling a beanie a slouch hat is quite frankly disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of Australian soldiers who gave their lives for not only the protection of our country but yours as well.
also I know you wouldnt purposely be rude, and im not trying to make a personal attack. just something to keep in mind when naming the hat in future
Problem with davLRE's comments is that the hat pictured and named slouch hat is NOT an Australian solder's slouch hat in any way, shape,&nbsp;or form.&nbsp; It is a multicolored yarn hat worn by men/women that is crocheted or knitted in an oversized tam style (I apologize to any Scots who&nbsp;object to the use of the&nbsp;word tam in reference to a crochet hat).<br> <br> By publishing a pattern and photo of a cute crochet&nbsp;hat,&nbsp; this poor designer is on the hot seat.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;She is now anti-Australian, accused of making fun of the solder's who fought, etc and is disrespectful?<br> She is also ignorant of the proud history of the solder's hat?<br> <br> And when she &nbsp;answers the questions, she is not taking the&nbsp;matter seriously enough or using the right tone?&nbsp;<br> <br> Had she created a felted&nbsp;imitation of a solder's hat I would see the point that the commenter is attempting to make.&nbsp; She did not do that.&nbsp;<br> <br> <br> <br> &nbsp;

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