Crocheted Sprouts.. Crochet Daily Planner to Purse Cover





Introduction: Crocheted Sprouts.. Crochet Daily Planner to Purse Cover

The pictures are not the best sorry about that.

Found an old daily planner and like all crafty persons, I had an idea. I liked the color and size but do not carry a large enough purse for it. I then decided to make the planner a purse.

I love to crochet so had plenty of yarn on hand but had recently picked up a cream color, that would look great from the goodwill.

I would need : elastic, yarn, crochet hook and a crochet needle.
I made it about an inch around the planner when it was open. 24 stitches across and 34 rows up. I left a small slit on either side for the outer pocket access. I used the needle to thread the thin elastic string around the outer edge. For this I tested to be sure it was a snug fit.

From folding the crochet piece in half I stitched two cords to the inside. I stitched 1 end on each side, then pulled the loops through the slits and secured them to the sides of the slits to keep them from moving around. The bag now has handles.

Weave in all ends and enjoy.

Step 1:

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    Thank you!

    You ought to use an image of the finished product as the introduction image - you'd get more views.