Crocheted Squid Hat


Introduction: Crocheted Squid Hat

I created this squid hat for Crazy Hat Day, part of a Spirit Week we held this winter at the school I work for.  I made it without a pattern, using pictures of squids for inspiration.

For this project I used Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in Dark Grey Heather and Apple Green and a J Hook.  I also Used Safety Eyes and Poly Fiber Fill.

The squid started as a beanie cap, crocheted from the top down, then folded and crocheted and shaped back up toward the top.  The body was created in continuous spirals without turning.  Once the body was nearly done, I stuffed it with fiber fill.

The fin on the top of the body was made in rows, crocheted directly on the body and stitched together on the edges and lightly stuffed.

The squid has 6 arms and 2 tentacles.  Each is made from 2 pieces made in rows then stitched together on the sides.  The arms are lightly stuffed.  All of them are then stitched on the inside of the hat.  The tentacles have fin crocheted around the tip and a large "Suction Cup" on the green side.  Some of the arms have smaller "Suction Cups" sewn on them.  There is room for 2 more arms in the front, but if I was to put them there, it would cover my eyes when I wear it.



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    EPIC hat! Great job!!

     I finished my first ever baby bootie thanks to youtube and already i'm aspiring to make this. Hahaha! I'm so amazed by it, I'm almost about to cry that there's no real pattern and I have no idea how to start this. I shall bookmark this for the future when I've been crocheting for more than two days.

    Awesome hat!

    This is great. It combines my two great loves, squishy sea-creatures and funny hats. I love it! (This would sell great on etsy)

    you should put little wings on the back and see who knows about H.P. Lovecraft (C'thulu the Old One)

     This is AWESOME!! I love squids and I love hats and I love to crochet, so can you guess what my next project will be?  Attempting this for sure!