To boldly go where no ball of yarn has gone before.....

Here is my crocheted starship Enterprise, it is based on the Constitution class vessel (NCC-1701) seen in the original series.  I have to admit that I'm more of a Next Generation and Voyager fan but the original Enterprise is most recognizable (and easier to make). 

I used three colours of yarn and some red and black embroidery thread for detailing plus some wire to provide support for the saucer section and warp nacelles.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Grey, red and white yarn
  • Black and red embroidery thread
  • Crochet hook (2.5mm)
  • Stitch marker
  • Thread (grey) and needle
  • Wire
  • Stuffing

Step 2: Make It So: The Saucer Section (Primary Hull)

Make two large circles in grey thread, use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds, number in brackets is the the number of stitches in each round.

R1: Ch2, 6sc in second Ch from hook and sl st into first stitch (6)
R2: Ch1, 2sc in each Sc, sl st into first stitch (12)
R3: Ch1, sc in next st, 2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (18)
R4: Ch1, sc in next 2st, 2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (24)
R5: Ch1, sc in next 3st, 2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (30)
R6: Ch1, sc in next 4st, 2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (36)
R7: Ch1, sc in next 5st, 2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (42)
R8: Ch1, sc in next 6st,2sc in next st; repeat, sl st into first stitch (48)

"Make it sew, Number One"... nice!
TN7771 year ago
You have boldly gone where no man (or woman) have gone before!
femjo2 years ago
I made one :D Mine is a lot smaller though ;)
ChrysN (author)  femjo2 years ago
It is really cute!
Congratulations! I'm glad that you made it to the finalist round--great job!
ChrysN (author)  Wonderlandknitter3 years ago
Creativeman3 years ago
The force is definitely with you!
ChrysN (author)  Creativeman3 years ago
copilarim3 years ago
I envy (in a positive way;P) you for having photos with every step you've made... I've worked in such a hurry and only had a few pics(all blurred... poor light) and i couldn't use them at all. =))
It's a great ship!! i bet it can fly:D
ChrysN (author)  copilarim3 years ago
Thanks, I find it easier to explain instructions with pictures rather than words, if I make something that I plan to post I take pictures of everything.

Sure it can fly, but it can't quite break earths orbit! ;)
john henry3 years ago
looks like it would be something from Little Big Planet.

It looks cool!
ChrysN (author)  john henry3 years ago
Let Me Knit3 years ago
Is the pattern using US directions or UK? Sometimes it can be hard to tell :)
ChrysN (author)  Let Me Knit3 years ago
It's US directions.
mdeblasi13 years ago
We bow before your ingenuity, and having seen your workspace, we bow before your lolsistant as well.
agis683 years ago
mercy me!!!
This is so creative- I wish I could crochet!
All you need are yarn and a hook or needles, if knitting is more your desire, and then look up "how to" videos on Google or even on here, there are thousands of them, and then a wee bit of patience. You should also look for groups of folks in your area that may be into yarnstorming or yarnbombing, there are always creative folks in those groups that are willing to teach their skills.
ChrysN (author)  Wonderlandknitter3 years ago
LOL, I wish I could knit!
wendeehart3 years ago
Set phasers to stunning!
Stew23 years ago
This is full of Win! Awesome job :)
lemonie3 years ago
"It's yarn Jim, but not as we know it."

I know how to crochet and this will be the next thing I make thanks for sharing it
LoneWolf3 years ago
Wow!!! Amazing job!!!
Ninzerbean3 years ago crochet what no one has crocheted before... this is really great!
ChrysN (author)  Ninzerbean3 years ago
Great idea and I love the lead picture =)
ChrysN (author)  cdawisconsin3 years ago
abadfart3 years ago
haha do you think i would get funny looks sleeping with this in boot camp
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Wow, looks great!
set phasers to awesome!
perignon3 years ago
This is it. I'm taking up crocheting.