few yarn (cotton or wool):
• red
• white
• yellow
• green
hook for these yarns (for ex. 4 mm)
big needle

sc = single crochet
dec = decresing single crochet
inc = incresing single crochet
ch = chain
hdc = half double stitch
dc = double stitch
sl = slip stitch

Leave some yarn, about 5 cm.
Do a magic ring (or you can do 2 ch and do the 1st round in the first ch).

These strawberries is worked in spirals, without close the rounds.

Step 1: Body

With red yarn:

1st round: 5 sc (5); pull the yarn you leave at the start, so the hole in the center will close;
2nd round: 5 inc in every sc (10);
3rd round: *1 inc 1 sc** - repeat from * to ** 4 more times (15);
4th round: 15 sc (15);
5th round: *1 inc 2 sc** - repeat from * to ** 4 more times (20);
From 6th to 11th rounds: 20 sc (20);
Fill with stuffing;
12th round: *1 dec 2 sc** - repeat from * to ** 4 more times (15);
13th round: *1 dec 1 sc** - repeat from * to ** 4 more times (10);
14th round: 5 dec (5);
Leave a tail to sew the hole close.

With yellow yarn, embroid the seeds, just put them here and there. Hide the tails of this yarn in the body of the strawberry.
These are adorable :)

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