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Introduction: Crocheted Toys (Amigurumi)

I recently got interested in amigurumi (crocheted dolls and animals). My first one was a crocheted bunny for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I used the Best Bunny amigurumi pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website (;searchText=amigurumi;x=0;y=0;start=30). The second one I made was Cheese from the "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" cartoon for my son. I made up the pattern for Cheese. I was going to post it as an Instructable, but either my dog ate the last page of my notes (yes I am serious) or my daughter decided to use it for cutting practice. If I find it, I'll post the pattern.



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    Can't wait to see the pattern for Cheese. (I learned to crochet just so I could make amigurumi!) +1!

    Unfortunately, I still haven't found that last page of the pattern. I think it must have ended up being dog "food". If my daughter cut it up, I would have at least found pieces. Stupid dog. Good thing she's cute and old or I'd be really mad at her. :) Chances are, if you could do Cheese with just the 2/3 of the pattern I have, you could do the whole thing without a pattern in the first place. Oh well. Next time I make up a pattern, I will guard it better against night time hungry dog raids.

    I have been able to do cheese's body but i'm having alot of trouble with the arms and legs, I was hoping you had some tips that might help. If you do then please share, but if not that's fine too. Thankyou.

    I did them as a knit I-cord (lots of Google instructions available). It would be equally easy to do a crocheted tube where you crochet in the round and just go around and around. You can make them floppy by just sewing them on as-is, or you can make them poseable by putting a pipe cleaner inside and attaching it to the body before you sew it on. Just make sure you beng the ends over at the hand end so they don't end up poking out and stabbing anyone. For the hands, I just made three little short tubes for each hand and sewed them on the end of the I-cord. For the feet, I made a little cone, flattened it and stuffed it a bit, and sewed the three little tubes for toes on the end.

    Your Bunny is superb!. Can't wait to make one for Jenny my daughter and one for Jessica my grandaughter. Cheese is fab. and would love to hear from other members if they succeeded in making it up a new one with a workable Pattern. I am not at that level yet. Well done on all fronts and keep up the wonderful creativity. Love from Marina

    Thank you! The Best Bunny pattern is really a good one for people who are still gaining their confidence in making crocheted toys. If you haven't already checked it out, you should google WeLoveAmigurumi, the Live Jounal amigurumi community. It is very active and frequently has free patterns. It is also a great place to get tips, post pics of your creations, and get inspiration. There are some fabulous crafters there, as well as some who are just starting out. Shanna

    Thank you Shanna, I will follow your tips and visit the website. Pilli