Picture of Crocheted Trimmed Socks
These cute little socks don't take very long to make. I am going to make a pair in every color for my 3 year old granddaughter. You can match the crochet thread with the beads or purchase contrasting colors.  What little girl wouldn't love a pair of these pretty socks?
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Step 1: Supplies needed

Picture of Supplies needed
socks tri-beads.jpg
1 pair of little girls socks, (I used ages 3-5) crochet thread, plastic tri-beads, small crochet hook (I used size 3/2.10MM) and 4 safety pins. 

Step 2: Mark the cuff with safety pins

Picture of Mark the cuff with safety pins
This step is important so that both socks are indentical when finished. Fold sock flat and put a safety pin at each fold. open the sock and fold again but this time with the pins together in the center. Put a safety pin at each side. You should now have 4 safety pins evenly spaced at the top edge of the sock.

Step 3: String beads on crochet thread

Picture of String beads on crochet thread
String 20 tri-beads onto the crochet thread. This is for 1 sock, you will need another 20 beads for the other sock.

Step 4: Begin Crocheting

Picture of Begin Crocheting
socks beads 1.jpg
socks loop crochet.jpg
Start at the back of the sock. Push the crochet hook through the top of the sock. about 1/4" from the edge. grab the end of the crochet thread with hook and pull through. Make a loop at the end of thread. 

Step 5: 1st Row

Picture of 1st Row
socks row 1 loop.jpg
Hook through sock, single crochet 2, hook through sock again, single crochet 2, continue until you have 10 stitchesattached to the top edge of sock between each safety pin for a total of 40 stitches all the way around. The sock needs to be able to stretch. You should have 40 small loops around sock. You can adjust for smaller, newborn socks. Maybe 6 or 8 stitches between each safety pin.

Step 6: 2nd row

Picture of 2nd row
socks row 2 also.jpg
When the 1st row is done, turn and hook through loop on 1st row, chain. sc 2. repeat around top edge of sock. chain. sc 2 and turn. 

Step 7: 3rd row with beads

Picture of 3rd row with beads
socks adding beads.jpg
Bring 1 bead close to sock, chain 2. crochet through next loop, chain 2, add another bead, chain 2. Continue adding beads one at a time all the way around top edge of sock. Finish off by tying into a knot.
elewis032 years ago
Awesome job! They're so cute.
katvanlew (author)  elewis032 years ago
lizzie01042 years ago
Very nice job. I have been doing this for my grand daughter for a several years now. I had not thought of using the safety pins as markers/guides. Thanks for the idea.
I use a smaller thread, DMC #10 and a small hook. Sometimes I run the hook thru the bead, pull the yarn back thru the bead and make a sc.
Often I make two rows of beads. Chain 3, hook thru bead, sc, chain 3, attach to every other space around the sock. Then for the second row, I chain 5, attach bead, chain 5, attach to the sock. I like to do this at Christmas with red and green colored beads, using white thread. It also looks nice with the gold/natural twisted thread.

Once I made 3 rows. . . my neice liked the sound of the beads clanking together.

I washed mine in the machine. After a while the beads kind of look scratched, but by then, my grand daughter had already worn a hole in them or the soles were to dirty to get clean.
katvanlew (author)  lizzie01042 years ago
thank you, I did use a smaller thread on the blue socks, I live in a small town and have to use what's available. the red and green beads at Christmas would be cute, I will have to remember that!
How adorable! I remember wearing socks like this! I loved the way the beads clanked together :) Was it hard to jab the crochet hook through the sock?
katvanlew (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks for the kind words, The crochet hook is so small that it wasn't difficult to get it through the sock.