Crocheted Western Tanager


Introduction: Crocheted Western Tanager

The Western Tanager is one of the most colorful birds of the western United States.  Sighting these birds is a real treat.  My bird is 5 inches; long from head to end of tail.  I crocheted him with hand dyed fingering weight wool yarn and embroidered additional features on him.  The pattern is my own creation and I enjoy crocheting various species of birds that I see in the wild.



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    I've taken pictures of the western tanager before. This is a great representation of it! Well done!

    oh  so colorful birds you have in montana! and you did a really good job on this design.  
    pattern writing can be an awful (annoying) business but maybe you should try it with this guy, he is worth the pain.  and then once you get the knack you will do a whole book of birdspatterns  and get rich and famous :)

    Your bird caught my eye right away!  Beautiful colors and attention to detail!  My owl is jealous of your Tanager, lol!

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    Very impressive, especially with an original pattern!

    Very nice, and very close to the real deal.

    (Since this is your own pattern, have you considered adding the pattern to the show?)

    aelfa and kelseymh,  thank you very much for your nice comments!

    I really like the Western Tanager design. What a beautiful bird!

    Very nice!  My Linux machine at work is named Tanager (all the group's machines are named for birds).