The Western Tanager is one of the most colorful birds of the western United States.  Sighting these birds is a real treat.  My bird is 5 inches; long from head to end of tail.  I crocheted him with hand dyed fingering weight wool yarn and embroidered additional features on him.  The pattern is my own creation and I enjoy crocheting various species of birds that I see in the wild.
I've taken pictures of the western tanager before. This is a great representation of it! Well done!
oh &nbsp;so colorful birds you have in montana! and you did a really good job on this design. &nbsp;<br /> pattern writing can be an awful (annoying) business but maybe you should try it with this guy, he is worth the pain. &nbsp;and then once you get the knack you will do a whole book of birdspatterns &nbsp;and get rich and famous :)<br /> <br />
Really cute! Beautiful!<br />
Your bird caught my eye right away!&nbsp; Beautiful colors and attention to detail!&nbsp; My owl is jealous of your Tanager, lol!<br />
Oh, no!&nbsp; Your owl is awesome!&nbsp; Hope we both win! &nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
Very impressive, especially with an original pattern!
What a sweet little bird!<br />
Aw, he's adorable!&nbsp; Beautiful work.<br />
Very nice, and very close to the <a href="http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Western_Tanager" rel="nofollow">real deal</a>.<br /> <br /> <small>(Since this is your own pattern, have you considered adding the pattern to the show?)</small><br />
aelfa and kelseymh,&nbsp; thank you very much for your nice comments!<br />
I really like the Western Tanager design. What a beautiful bird!<br />
Very nice!&nbsp; My Linux machine at work is named Tanager (all the group's machines are named for birds).<br />

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