I recently started crocheting and have already made a few projects and I decided to put them into a slide-show. If enough people ask for it I'll put up an Instructable for the hackey sack or hat. If you would like patterns or instructions please comment or message me!
<p>I would love to see an instructable for the hat! Please??? </p>
I'd like to see the hat
please make a tutorial for the hat!!
please make a tutporial!
very nice :)<br />
You need to edit this and put some images in (make sure you actually upload them successfully)<br /> <br /> L<br />
i just re-published it, see if it solved your problem!<br />
Yeah, that did it - looks good.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Thanks!&nbsp; :)<br /> <br />
oops, that was my bro's acc, thought it was mine. anyway, there are already images on it.<br />
There <em><strong>are</strong></em> images on it already, maybe you don't have an updated Flash Player?<br />
awesome! i'd love an instructable for the hat!<br /> <br />

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