Crochet/knit Little Lambies


Introduction: Crochet/knit Little Lambies

these adorable little lamb overall costumes were an experiment and I love how they turned out. Instructions are vague unfortunately and require knitting and crocheting skills and some ingenuity of your own!!! not super specific but just general plans to my little lamby genius! :P

Step 1: Cast on and Knit

cast on and knit the bodice to how long and wide you want it. This took some experimentation and depends on your yarn. I knit the first few rows then knit one row than purled then next every other to make a nice finished looking bib.

Step 2: Cast on Waist

measure how wide you need your waist to be and cast on stitches accordingly. I knit in the round maybe 4 rows.

Step 3: Switch Stitches to Crochet

crochet into your stitches until you have all your knit stitches turned to crochet.

Step 4: Bauble Stitch/ Bubble Stitch

begin using bauble stitch all the way around. Slowly add stitches in increasing the waist as you go maybe on every 5 stiches then just keep baubling without increases until you reach your desired length.

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Decrease

I chose to decrease my stitches for the last two rows around, still in bauble stitch maybe just every fifth.



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    Precious photos. Adorable outfits.