Energy-saving Crock Pot Baking Rack





Introduction: Energy-saving Crock Pot Baking Rack

This 2 layer mini German Chocolate Cake was baked entirely in a small 3 qt. Crock pot!

You don't need to buy special pans, racks or inserts....

All you need is a cake pan that will fit inside the crockpot and a DIY cardboard rack/insert to raise the cake pan off the bottom and allow air to circulate.

Each layer takes approximately 15-20 minutes on high heat. One box of Cake mix makes two 2-layer mini-cakes.  You can even bake your cake outside so the house (or RV) doesn't heat up.  You'll be saving energy, too!

You'll need:
  • A clean Cardboard box or cardboard strips
  • Measuring tape
  • Box cutter or scissors.

First, measure the bottom inside diameter of the crock pot. Then measure the inside height.

Now, choose a pan that will fit inside comfortably with room for air to circulate freely around it when it's sitting on top of the insert.

For example:

The inside diameter of my crock pot is 6". The height is 5". 

The cake pan I chose is 4.5" in diameter and 2" high. That left plenty of room for air circulation within the crock pot.

The (recycled) cardboard box I used is 12" across all 4 sides, 48" total circumference. I used the box cutter to cut a 1.5" wide strip around the box. Then I folded it into an quasi-asterisk as the picture details.

Preheat the crock pot on the High setting for 5 minutes. Fill the cake pan 1/2 full of batter and place it inside the crock pot, on top of the insert. COVER. Bake 15-20 minutes until it passes the toothpick test. ;-)

I am very happy with the results. The cake baked evenly and was super moist. The cardboard did not burn... or even come close.

This rack is completely reusable!

My next test will be with a small casserole... or bread ... stay tuned. ;-)




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    My very old crock pot has removable ceramic pot, but didn't come with the cake baker. Have read about the baker, and am inclining toward a coffee can and cardboard. Hate heating an entire oven for something small.

    this is awesome idea and on top you basically have 2 instructables in one! great job

    Thank you, nightninja!

    If you cook it outdoors, why not use a solar oven?

    Hick, you might actually use your crockpot as a solar oven if you make a nice reflector and glass cover for the pot....

    Guess what! I finally found my crock pot! We have been remodeling and still are but I missplaced my crockpot when I took it out of town for a few months and I have not seen it since we got back. It has been hot and I have wanted to use it. Thanks! again

    AW! I hate it when I lose my crock pot! Glad you found yours! ;-D

    First time I ever lost mine but sure have been loosing a lot of things lately. About the time I get organized from remolding we are moving again!