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Introduction: "Crock Pot" Chicken Pot Pie

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When you would love to have a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner but just don't have the time. This is a hearty meal that is easily thrown together, cooks while your at work, and is sure to please!

Step 1: What You Will Need

•2 Frozen Chicken Breast
•2 cups Frozen Peas & Carrots
•2 Cans Cream of Chicken
•2-3 Medium sized Potatoes
• Salt and Pepper to Taste
•1 Chicken Bullion Cube

•A Crock Pot

Step 2: Prep

•Peel and dice your potatoes.

Seriously, that's all the prep work needed :)

Step 3: Mix It All Together

•Put the frozen chicken into the cock pot. Then add the peas & carrots, the diced potatoes, the bullion cube, and the 2 cans of cream of chicken. Add salt and pepper to taste.

•Mix it all together.

•Cook on low for 6-8 hours

•When the chicken is cooked thoroughly cut it up with a knife or sturdy spoon

Step 4: Serve

Serve with freshly baked biscuits or cresent rolls.




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    This looks like a great recipe. The only thing I might do different is the serving. I will put it in to either a hollowed out puff pastry or a sour dough bread bowl. I'll let you know how it turns out. :-)

    You can also poured over some torn up bread for an awesome open faced sandwich.

    15, 6:16 PM.jpg

    That's a great idea! :)

    Can you freeze leftovers?

    All of it always gets eaten at my house so I never have but I would assume you could! :)

    Looks delish will have to try it.

    Tasty! Looks like the perfect family meal

    It sure is, hope you enjoy! :)

    yum, looks quite delicious! how many servings does this make?

    It makes about 4 good sized servings.