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Introduction: Crocodile Cake

Here is a cake I made after finding a similar one on your page . I wasn't crazy about the blue icing water so I dyed some coconut blue and used that it gives a better water effect and for the fins and the claws I used chocolate. It came out great and people are still talking about it!!!



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    Can some one tell me how to add a primary photo??? Please

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    That looks great! Maybe you could make a simple template for how you cut the cakes?

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    Thanks!!:) The only thing I can tell you is just try to draw one. Thats what I had to do to I looked all over the Internet for one but I couldn't find one that was going to be big enough. What I did do was get a piece of white poster board and a pencil and after practicing on a regular piece of paper I drew one lightly on the poster board. Then I cut it out after I had it the way I wanted it. and put both cakes on another thicker board that that was gonna support the weight I put the stencil over the cakes and cut it out. It really wasn't that bad it not as hard as it looks. I will try to get a regular size template on the website in a day or so hopefully that will help ya out!! Thanks for the comment!!! Have a great day!!:D

    Would it be possible to get a template for this? I'm a 35 year old guy and I've never baked a cake in my life! It's my mom's birthday and my parents were supposed to go to australia, but had to cancel. So me & the kids want to make grandma a crock cake (seems easier than a koala). Can anybody give me advice on how to make a crocidle cake? Um, can anyone tell me how to make a cake?

    haha! that looks great.

    Plus cake is the best.. so


    That is TOO cool! :) (and looks positively delicious!)

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