An instruction to make crocodiles out of acoustic foam.
Made this a long time ago for cub scouts.
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Step 1: Cutting the pieces

Picture of cutting the pieces
2 buik.JPG
4 kam.JPG
3 tong.JPG
backside, belly, crest and tongue

Step 2: Gluing pieces together

Picture of Gluing pieces together
7 2de lijmstap.JPG

Step 3: Tying crocodile

Picture of tying crocodile
10 onderzijde.JPG
9 geknoopt.JPG
put the back piece and the belly upon each other.
Tie them together with a small piece of rope.

Step 4: The eyes

Picture of the eyes
11 met ogen.JPG
The eyes are made out of Ping Pong balls.
With a needle you put a piece of rope through the balls so you can bind them to your little monster.

Step 5: It's alive

Picture of It's alive
13 klaar.JPG
a little paint will do wonders

Step 6: Into the wild

Picture of into the wild
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