An instruction to make crocodiles out of acoustic foam.
Made this a long time ago for cub scouts.
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Step 1: Cutting the pieces

Picture of cutting the pieces
2 buik.JPG
4 kam.JPG
3 tong.JPG
backside, belly, crest and tongue

Step 2: Gluing pieces together

Picture of Gluing pieces together
7 2de lijmstap.JPG

Step 3: Tying crocodile

Picture of tying crocodile
10 onderzijde.JPG
9 geknoopt.JPG
put the back piece and the belly upon each other.
Tie them together with a small piece of rope.

Step 4: The eyes

Picture of the eyes
11 met ogen.JPG
The eyes are made out of Ping Pong balls.
With a needle you put a piece of rope through the balls so you can bind them to your little monster.

Step 5: It's alive

Picture of It's alive
13 klaar.JPG
a little paint will do wonders

Step 6: Into the wild

Picture of into the wild

beautiful work :)!!!!!!!!!

HarryLaine12 days ago

amazing :)

great my kids love it

this is great


Clint Dempey2 months ago

Thank for uploading

zaphodd426 months ago

I want to teach my 3 year old niece to make things! This is perfect!!! Thanx for the idea!

AngryRedhead6 months ago

I'm scared it's going to nibble on my toes!

fluffydragon6 months ago

hahahahahaha.. that is adorable!

I love your set up photos.. I LOVE the shot of the art paint pallette with just the single drop of paint on it, as if you actually need it for two dots of paint. I also love that your red and blue lines aren't just straight clean bars.

My grandparents had something very similar. They added a rigid wire (think like a really long wire coat hanger type wire) around his neck to allow for him to go on walks. Was a neat toy when I was young.
freepancho6 months ago

this is great! its way simpler than it looks and it looks great!

jmwells6 months ago
Wow! That brings back memories. Did that in Cub Scouts too. Too many years ago.
fred276 months ago
Awesome and simple enough for kids to do - once you've cut the foam if they're small, of course.