Picture of Crocodiles galore!
alligator finished 002.jpg
alligator finished 003.jpg
I have made a quintet of crocodiles or alligators this summer (not sure what the difference is), but I've been having a lot of fun and I am sure you would to if you have the inclination!

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Step 1: The magic of papier mache

Picture of The magic of papier mache
To make my croc/allies I have used the technique called papier mache.

Before you begin, you will need to gather together your basic supplies, which are as follows:

slightly warm water
mixing bowl (lined with a plastic grocery bag for ease of clean-up)
the "bobbly" tops of empty egg cartons, (I used the plastic kind
many wire coat hangers
masking tape (I used several rolls!)
plastic grocery bags saved from the land-fill

Step 2: Form the form

Picture of Form the form
make a loon 006.jpg
Whenever you papier mache something, you need a form over which to slap on the newspaper and paste.

When making my crocodiles I made my form out of plastic bags stuffed with plastic bags and scrunched up newspaper over wire coat hangars. I elongated the creature by starting at the head end and roughly forming the shape I wanted and then added on from there until I got to the tail. With this rough shape all ready, I used cheap masking tape to keep it all together.

Incidentally, the last crocodile I made had one of those polystyrene noodles that are used in swimming pools or at the beach to help with the stability, as well as coathangers and plastic bags!

Step 3: The shape of things to come!

Picture of the shape of things to come!
In the picture you can see that I had my shape, all nicely covered over with the masking tape. The arms and legs of the critter were formed by two pairs of coat hangers, bound round with plastic grocery bags and taped securely into place.

After the shape was formed I cut up the "bobbly "parts of empty egg boxes and strapped them along the back - again using masking tape. I also used two "bobbly bits" for nostrils and two for a pair of eyes.
I'm not sure of the biological difference, but the easiest way to tell them apart is that if the teeth are visible with the mouth closed it's a crocodile, otherwise it's an alligator (doesn't apply to animals kept in captivity).
I thought that the difference was that crocodiles eat Australians, aligators eat hillbillies?
That's HillWilliam to you sir! The preferred term is "Redneck" or "Cracker". Hillfolk are found in Appalachia , alligators are not. Plus, we have crocodiles here too.
stinkymum (author)  Tool Using Animal6 years ago
HillWilliams - I like that!
I steal from the best. ;-)