Picture of Cropping in Acrobat X
When first trying to crop in Acrobat X I had no clue how to crop, as it is different then it was in previous versions. This instructable will show you step by step, how to crop in Acrobat X.

To get started open a PDF in Acrobat X on your computer.

Step 1: Creating a CropBox

Picture of Creating a CropBox
The first step is creating a CropBox. This is the area that tells Acrobat X what you wish to crop.

With the document open in Acrobat X, go to the Pages panel, and select Crop.
On the document, draw a rectangle of the area you wish to crop.
Once this is done you may move, or resize the CropBox as you wish.
JosephPruitt7 months ago

Worked like a charm. I'm used to looking for things in the menu bar. I suppose Adobe does things differently. Thanks!

wrapgirl1 year ago

Thanks! I was trying to manage the upgrade intuitively, but was missing the double click! So easy once you know, thanks for guiding the way. :)

xntrick2 years ago
This isn't a permanent crop though, the area outside the crop box is still there.
dchall82 years ago
I just did a search on the Acrobat Help page and found no help for cropping. Thank you for the Instructable.