Crosman Phantom Mod





Introduction: Crosman Phantom Mod

This mod on the Canadian version of the gun the 500x will give it the Sam power as the 1000x which shoots 1200 fps the legal limit in Canada is 495fps so I would only recommend this mod if you were in a survival situation or the zombie apocalypse breaks out which in that case u may need a bigger gun. Please feel free to ask any questions as I may missed something in my details

Step 1: Disassembly

Remove three Phillips head screws one on each side and one near the trigger set screws aside and remove stock

Step 2: Removel of Piston

At the back of the barrel press know and slide out pin this will release the spring next break the action and slide the out of the hole then release trigger set aside

Step 3:

Slide piston out and look at the end there is a small hole that needs to be plugged fill with mighty putty or steel putty and let set

Step 4: Reassemble

Put back together and enjoy. This is now a very dangerous toy use with caution



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    Thanks. I now have a PCP (Benjamin Marauder 22 cal), a Beeman P-17 and a Browning 800 (.22 cal) - so far, no need to tamper with the settings - the Benjy does have a lot listed on "tuning". Great post, however! Thanks again.

    Will this work with any (to your knowledge) Springer? How about the gas piston models? Thanks for this - just got my Beeman RS1 dual caliber. So far satisfied with its performance, but may use this in the future.

    To the best of my knowledge, all this does is turn a de-powered gun back to it's USA power setting. If you want to boost the power iof an USA gun, google "airgun forums", There are quite a few