CrossBow V1.3




Introduction: CrossBow V1.3

this is my new cross bow.
it is bigger and better than the v1.0 and v1.2.
i haven't yet tested it on its range or how many cola cans it can shoot through but it is extremely accurate.
i have added a new stock and handle and barrel supports that make it stronger and less flimsy.
i have kept the same firing mech and Im going to make the bow bigger and stronger.
!!***PLEASE READ**!!
i will not be posting for a long time



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    im making it right now

    can you post??? please?????

    Should be easy to make from the pictures

    stop with the crossbows.

    stop with the guns.

    What the hell? I thought you were a knexer who made knex guns? Let alone like all of mine? You just suggested that I quit making knex guns. No f**king way man. Knex crossbows are a type of slingshot knex gun. But mine was just narrower.

    Leave the offensive language by yourself please.
    He likes to build crossbows, so let him. :)

    just kiddin', holy crap you dont have to explode like one of IAC's knex war bombs.

    Make the fact that you were kidding more obvious next time. =P<br/>

    he dont have the guns psoted anymore, just a slideshow for a lego gun :(