Introduction: Crossbow

I made it out of plywood, pvz pipes,string, washing clip(its probalby not what it is called)
and it shoots nails !?!
I'm not gona make an instructable what so ever



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    This is a really cool idea which my sone wants, I was wondering if you are willing to sell it me I tried to Mae, it but my creativity isn't that good

    Nice bow, it looks powerful, im just worried about the PVC tension, i dont want it to shatter or snap if i make it. What did you use for the trigger?

    In my experience PVC pipe doesn't shatter even when bent to extreme amounts, It just kinks and doesn't work as a bow anymore. I have a 3/4 in PVC crossbow that shoots at 190-250 fps, 400+ shots on it, and no problems with the PVC pipe so far.

    How big is it

    Whoa you gave me an epiphany. This calls for a redesign.

    This is my second crossbow design and i was gone make another/beater one but then my parents desided to move and now i can't make any thing any more...

    Is it powerful and deadly?

    if you shoot large nails it could/is deadly

    The "washing clip" is call a clothespin