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Introduction: Crossbow

About: I'm a normal teen that does most of his time hanging out with friends and going to shooting ranges but on my birthday I got a whole box of kenx and ever since that day I have been snaping pieces togather an...

Hello I'm back and made a nice crossbow. This one is pretty powerful for only my second post. Its range is about with 60% 40 ft. 20% of 50+. Then a 20% it back fires on You. Alright lets see my Crossbow.
Good range
Nice bow
Comfy lower Grip
Nice sring
Cool look
Nice Bolt (Arrow for a crossbow, dont know why they call it That but what ever).
No lock pull back
No stock
Bow almost never bends



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    Thanks man I need a good rating and im making a kenx submacine gun . its a pretty deadly weapon of war and it has a handy unjaming rod in the top its almost done should be done on thursday or less i hope

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    Use the big reply button bro.

    I will thanks I didn't see it down there! LOL:)

    Its ok most new users don't know its there.

    Isn't it odd that so many people miss that button?

    I ran out of K'nex. I didn't really have enough to work the button.

    lol, actually this comment was aimed at apples!!!!, but what button do you mean?

    the arms are called FNBT Flat never bends though my design they are like the best they are so sturdy

    Looks good!
    PS: someone on instructables keeps giving new guns 0.5*, so I'll gibe this 5* to balance it out a bit.

    The arms are fairly original, but they don't look as sturdy. Could be wrong though.

    you pull it back with the bolt in it and you can hold it by the top of the bolt release it and look out plus I ran out of kenx but im getting more and remeber this only my second post :(

    Not bad, but it needs a handle, and a trigger mech because i dont understand how this would work.