Picture of Crossbow Plans
These are some old DIY crossbow plans from the 1945 edition of "The Boy Mechanic". Some of it is outdated, but I'm sure there is a way to fix that. :) The metal on the front of the smaller crossbow could be replaced with something else, such as a thick strip of plastic. Anyway, I just thought this might help some of you people wanting to build a crossbow!

I made a few PDF files of this, and you can find them at None of them are perfect, and the best one is turned sideways.

UPDATE 7/26/13- Two years and 13,000 views later, I've finally realized that these plans are somewhat popular. I've updated the Instructable slightly and moved the location of the PDF files from the previous wiki to the Instructable itself. However, since I see no reason to take it down, the wiki will remain live for anyone who wishes to download or view the files that way. Also, thanks to El Supremo for providing an alternate download from 4shared. This PDF is also available as a download from the Instructable. Many thanks for this high quality download!
El Supremo1 year ago
I have a pdf file of this article, originally presented in June 1944 issue from Popular Mechanics and available in Google Books. the link is I hope it is useful for you
bwool1 (author)  El Supremo1 year ago
Thanks so much! I've linked to your download and your page in the Instructable, and I've uploaded your PDF as well.
Bongmaster3 years ago
kools a better image, like a large scale scan, and made into a pdf may be good :3
bwool1 (author)  Bongmaster3 years ago
I'll see what I can do!