this is my popsicle crossbow, ammo , and target
Aron3133 years ago
This is good tho!
LiftAndLove4 years ago
/i think that the ammo should be replaced with skewers or toothpicks
Bob9394 years ago
How the heck do you make the thibg fire im stumpped
<(") penguin
 what's the ammo made of?
martiin5 years ago
PizzaPlanet7 years ago
great awesome!!! needs more informative pics
Actually, if you look closely at all the pics of the crossbow, it becomes obvious on how it's made (Structure).
PlaneFreak6 years ago
It's really cool can you upload how to make it
Semani6 years ago
weres the information
freakinslop7 years ago
i made one, its awesome