Introduction: Crossbow Made of Common Household Objects

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This is my 1st instructable so dont expect amazing instructions. This instructable shows you how to make a crossbow out of common objects. The crossbow can shoot up to 10 feet. ill just warn you that the pictures are bright.

Step 1: Parts

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These are the parts you will need

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

Make the body of it. read all notes.

Step 3: Guide

Picture of Guide

this thing makes sure the bullet goes straight. read all the notes

Step 4: Main Power Generator (A.K.A. a Rubberband)

Picture of Main Power Generator (A.K.A. a Rubberband)

okay it is time to add the power source (drumroll) THE RUBBERBAND!!!!!


Picture of TRIGGER

this is the trigger


Step 6: Loading/firing

Picture of Loading/firing

read the title :o

Step 7: FUN

now time to have fun!!!!!


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