Step 5: Putting it all together

Final step, putting it all together. Make sure you are careful, misstakes now will be harder to correct.

I'm sorry i dont have any pictures of the arrows. They are like ordinary bowarrows but shorter, usually the lenth between the bow and the hooked string. The end should not have the usual notch but should be flat on two sides so it fits between the two flat bars on the lock.

I wish you happy and injury-free building and shooting!
Whythisguy2 years ago
Wow how long did it take you build this? Also how much money did you spend on parts?
Vidar_76 (author)  Whythisguy2 years ago
It was a few years cinse i built it but most oft the parts was stuff i had laying around. The rattan part was 2 meters long and i think it costed aprox. 10€. The stock was made from a larger piece of ash that i gotten from i friend, the metal part was free but the box of spring costed maybe 15€.
Im unsure about the time it took but if i made it today it would be two days of actual work, its hard to say. The rawhide and glue has to dry and so on så its a lot of time spent waiting. Best way to find out is to start building ;)
nice finished project! im thinking about making one of these, but im probably going to use a different kind of bow for a budget. i probably will stray from the design a lot, but i never could figure out how to make a lock, so i never pursued this project. now i know how i could make one ;)
Couldnt u use a crossbiw string for the string?
Vidar_76 (author)  ILIKETORTLES3 years ago
How do you mean, a crossbow string? The one i use is a quite typical crossbowstring.